Thursday, August 20, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Hello Frankie!

Yes, the Big Ten did what we all expected them to do.   The decision on fall sports is final, no matter how many OSU moms complain.   I think its funny that the Mom's are planning a protest at the Big Ten Office, which is empty due to COVID.  

Let's stop talking about fall and find a solution for a winter season.  

Juwan Howard landed another guard, this time its 4 star 2021 PG Frankie Collins.  This is a good pick-up for the Wolverines and gives the team a playmaker that can  also get shots for himself.   He is a 4 star to all services and is a top 12 or below PG in the Country and #78 or below overall player in the nation.   

Frankie joins Kobe Bufkin, Isaiah Barnes and Will Tschetter in what looks like a Top 10 2021 class.  Juwan continues to be a top notch recruiter, who is still chasing a few 5 stars still in the 2021 class. 

  • Trey Burke continues to play well in bubble.  How he doesn't have a longer term NBA contract baffles me.   Love that him and Tim Hardaway are playing so well for the Mavs.  


Cormac said...

Let's hear for the moms! Nothing was ever achieved by sitting at home.

Scott K said...

Flattening the 'curve' not considered?