Friday, September 11, 2020

Michigan Friday: Recruiting Roller Coaster

We haven't done a recruiting summary in awhile, so I thought I would summarize what Michigan is chasing in the 2021 class.   Yes, I know commits are dropping (should be one today in MA 4 star LB Tyler Martin) for Michigan in the 2022 class but it still seems too early to start looking at that class.   

Running Backs

Michigan wants 2 in this class which includes the #1 player on the board in Donovan Edwards.  As I think you know, I don't love this recruitment and think Donovan is looking for reasons not to play in Ann Arbor vs. really wanting to.   The current predictions are in favor of Michigan but think he could go anywhere at this point.  

The second RB is more a realistic option is TX 3 star Tavierre Dunlap is a heavy favorite to pick Michigan soon.   His commitment will have zero effect on the Edwards recruitment.   

What the Hell BC?

Michigan and Don Brown have been living off the top recruits out East.  That seems to be stopping as BC is coming on strong as a new competitor for these talented recruits.   Drew Kendall went from a strong Michigan lean to having Michigan out of running caught me and others by surprise.   How does that happen?  I think its the depth chart with the NCAA granting another season for those teams not playing this season.  BC and Stanford have a shorter path to the field.  

A similar story for Maryland Safety Daymon David who was leaning hard to Michigan or BC, when Oregon offered and he started to consider playing out west.    This one seems to be a coin flip now.   


I'm in the camp that Michigan is full at the WR position and soft pedaled Allen to de-commit.   Yes, they're still talking to Jayden Thomas and ND commit Lorenzo Styles but I think those are a bit of long shots or whip cream on top of the sundae.  

Focus Dude

Michigan needs to lock up a couple of DT's and Rayshaun Benny and George Rooks seem to be the two.   That is great but lock them up!  

I would like more options at RB and feel like we have too many eggs in the Edwards basket.  Get Dunlap in the class and start finding a Higdon type late addition.  

Michigan needs another safety and CB in the class.  If the man with 2 fist names doesn't work out, they need a back-up plan.  

If all these guys (with the new NCAA rule) are freshman next season, Raheem Anderson, Greg Crippen, Giovanni El-Hadi, Tristan Bounds, Zach Carpenter, Reece Atteberry, Karsen Barnhart, Nolan Rumler, Jack Stewart, Zak Zinter, Trente Jones, Trevor Keegan, and Jeffrey Persi, Does Michigan need another offensive lineman in this class? The answer is NO!

I'm not comfortable with RB, CB and DT recruiting right now.  Michigan has strong leans at DT but they are not committed and it seems to me RB and CB could go south very quickly.   CB/S seems the most urgent with not a ton of prospects.  

  • Ryan Day hints at a possible Big Ten October start, which I thought had been dismissed by everyone else.  

  • College football for real kicks off this weekend and I think we will really start missing Michigan Football when we see other teams playing.  


Cmfgoblue said...

Looks like October 17 is the start date.... Damn we almost went undefeated this year

szanreno said...

No decision was reached or publicized.