Friday, November 13, 2020

Preview: Wisconsin

Time: 7:30
Location: Big House
Weather: 42 degrees
Line: Wisky -4.5

Not sure how this game is being played.  Wisconsin had 30 staff and players test positive less then 2 weeks ago and the Big Ten has a 21 day policy.  Does that mean none of that personnel is available? Nobody can seem to answer that question or wants to.  

Wisconsin played 1 game before its outbreak and Michigan won 1 game before its losing outbreak.   It has not been a good 2 weeks for either team.  So of course ABC runs to make this the primetime game.  

Why Wisconsin?

They looked pretty darn good against Illinois before quarantine.   Wisconsin looked like Wisconsin with a new highly rated QB prospect, Graham Mertz, son of Fred and Ethel Mertz (I'm betting like 5 people get that joke). 

Wisconsin does what they do, they want to run the ball right at you and see if you can stop it.  They will also mix in a few passes to the TE.  They are in the easy side of the Big Ten and have lived off this strategy for many years.  

If Wisconsin is 100% healthy I think they roll over the wounded Wolverines.   The issue is, nobody knows anything and the Wisconsin doctors could be the MVP of this game.  They could also easily shut it down.  

Why not Michigan?

Michigan hasn't started 1-3 in 53 years.   Hoke or RR didn't even fall that low.   I honestly think Harbaugh has no clue what Michigan fans are saying about him.  He might read a newspaper once a week and turns on his computer to send a tweet every 6 months or so.  

Done Brown is a disaster and his defense is now getting shredded by every OC that sees it.  The key is to get the ball out fast, throw slants and screens.  The LB's won't be in position and you can easily get yards.   Bonus this year, Michigan's CB are awful and you can extend drives by throwing it out of bounds and getting a PI call.   Stay away from Dax Hill and your fine.  

I don't hate Michigan's offense and wish the Wolverines didn't have so many injuries on the offensive line.   If Michigan can't run the ball they can't win.  This is not a good football team right now. 

Do I have to predict something?  

Two teams that have had a disastrous two weeks after looking great week 1.  This being 2020 who the hell knows what is going to happen in this game.  Wisconsin seems to be the better team but they also might be throwing a ton of walk-on's and 4th team players in starting roles.  

Michigan's defense can't get off the field and Michigan's offense is still drinking Similac.  Done Brown should be preparing BC's defense against ND, not Michigan's against The Cheesecake Factory.  At least Michigan's special teams are better, way to go Nordin and whoever is punting this week.   Here is a friendly reminder how F'ed up this year is:  Cincinnati is ranked #7, BYU #8, IU #10, Coastal Carolina #15, Marshall 16.   Remember nobody loses eligibility this year, its like it never happened.  When does that spring Big Ten season start?

Wisconsin 28 Michigan 13


Scott K said... do you not mention Liberty, ranked ahead of Michigan?

Crazy times.

szanreno said...

Liberty,,, Liberty,,, liberty!!! Couldn't help it. Hahaha....

Renegade said...

Uhoh ... I'm one of the 5.

Tim said...

Renegade...maybe you could fill in the rest of the class :)

I have no idea regarding that joke.

szanreno said...

Fred and Ethel Mertz were Ricky and Lucy's neighbors on the old I Live Lucy Show.

szanreno said...

I "Love" Lucy that is.

Tim said... it. Thanks

Goblu said...

I have a sinking feeling that 28-13 is very wrong in both directions... I hate to say, but it's likely 48-7

szanreno said...

Another 3 1/2 point line. I don't get it.

dude1984 said...

Special Teams: No complaints.

Defense: It seems like a lost cause.

Offense: Milton needs to run more. Call more QB runs and honestly he should take off if nobody is open after going through his round of reads and or feels pressure. He has the potential to have a Vince Young or Cam Newton presence...but he needs to use his legs and size more often.

General summary: It's been painful to watch. If they're going to lose, try to turn the game into basketball on grass aka Big 12 style football.

Mike T said...

Our TE's can't catch shit.... All and now Eubanks....

Unknown said...

This game is over. Good night y’all.