Monday, January 11, 2021

Michigan Monday: New News is the Same As Old News

Jimmy signed his extension and has identified a new defensive coordinator in Ravens LB Coach Mike MacDonald.  Mike is expected to be named Michigan's DC after the playoffs, which will at least take another week as the Ravens won and now heading to Buffalo this weekend.  We will try to get more information on Mike later this week. 

The next big shoe to drop is what happens with the rest of the staff.  Here is what I'm hearing and expecting as I read the tea leaves:

Jay Harbaugh - to Specials Team Coach (Thanks Dad!)

Ben McDaniels - Out, his contract won't be renewed and expired today. 

Sherrone Moore - Staying in place, seen as a great recruiter

Ed Warinner - Staying in place, one of the best OL coaches in the country

Bob Shoop - Out, not sure what the hell happened with him this year 

Brian Jean-Mary -  ?,  I think he is a very good recruiter and would like to see him retained.  Could be up to MM.  

Josh Gattis - ?,  my best guess is that he stays and gets another year.  Seen as a top notch recruiter and WR coach.  Need his play calling to be better.  On contract for another year. 

Mike Zordich, - Out, as DB coach.  Seen as a good position coach, poor recruiter.  I believe his contract expired today as well. 

Shaun Nua, - ?  Has struggled with coaching and recruiting.  He continues to recruit, so maybe he stays.  Probably another MM decision. 

  • Michigan HS playoffs re-started this weekend and Donovan Edwards ran for 4 TD's!  
  • Michigan Basketball commit Frankie Collins scored 28 point on FS1 this weekend against Emoni Bates Ypsi Team. 
  • ISU Matt Campbell has turned down opportunities to interview for NFL jobs including the NY Jets. 
  • Ohio State plays for the National Championship tonight.  Fun times. 


Tim said...

Thanks for all the updates Bob.

If Gattis stays I sure hope they bring in someone else to at least help with play calling.

Goose said...

Any news on a running backs coach? It would be nice to have a featured back and 1 sub. This R.B. by committee is kinda stupid. Just my opinion.

szanreno said...

Good opinion. I'm not a running back by committee person either. I thought Haskins should have been the premier back and he would let the coaches know when he needs to be spelled.

Tim said...

Agreed. And I put some of that on Gattis. The last couple of years our offense has looked confused. Odd substitutions with RB's, weird play calling, etc.

Goblu said...

BucknutMan, in all seriousness, I’m sorry you team is losing so badly. Hope for you sake they can beat ‘Bama

EzmoB said...

Alabama was at another level today. That boy D smith is a monster! Watching Najee Harris and thinking he was thinking about coming to Michigan at one point!

szanreno said...

"BucknutsMan",,,, still funny.