Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: No News is Weird News

Not sure why the continued delay on the Harbaugh situation.  He doesn't seem to linked to any NFL openings and he has an extension on the table.   Hey Jimmy, a bird in the hand vs. one in the bush?

What we do know:
  • About 1/2 of the football assistants contracts expire on Sunday.  
  • Harbaugh was back in the office on Tuesday.
  • There was a rumor that Harbaugh met with some coaches on Tuesday to discuss recruiting territories. 
  • Jedd Fisch tweeted out a fake Arizona Lottery Pick 6 image with  Don Brown's defensive rankings without 2020.   Why is there a delay in hiring him to Arizona? Is there a dispute in his $1.7M Michigan owes him if he gets hired right away?  Update: Reports are starting to come out that he has been hired by Arizona as its new DC. 

My Expectation of what will happen:

I'm still in the camp that Harbaugh will be coaching Michigan next season and beyond.  He is still under contract and I  have no idea why he hasn't signed the extension.  

There has to be a new DC in place soon.  Michigan only has a few weeks to try to add a few more defensive tackles to the 21 class.  George Rooks and Rayshaun Benny are still available.   I also expect some other changes to the staff.   Also with transfer portal options, kids don't want to commit unless they know the coach and what type of system they will be in. 

I also believe the team will come back for winter conditioning on 1/19.  It would be nice to know who your coach is.  

  • Michigan Basketball tonight vs. Minnesota at Crisler 8:30 Tip.  

  • There are COVID concerns in Ohio.   The Browns are down their head coach a few offensive lineman for their first playoff game in 18 years, OSU is having some type of COVID outbreak and even though the game is still scheduled for Monday, it could get pushed to a week later.  

  • Former instate 3 star LB from Farmington Hills that has played at ND is in the transfer portal, he had 7 solo tackles and 1.5 sacks this past year.  He has 22 tackles, 8 solo's, and 2.5 sacks in two years at ND. 

  • You want to know how good Alabama is?  Their top WR might be back from injury and play on Monday night, their 2nd best WR just won the Heisman Trophy.  QB finished 3rd and RB finished 5th.   They should be playing the Steelers on Saturday night.  Just a reminder Michigan was beating a better version of this offense at half-time a year ago.  Jedd should be tweeting that! 


Goose said...

It seems Harbaughs weirdness is a perfect fit for Michigans weirdness. While the rest of the nation laughs at Harbaugh & UM. Seems like to the Michigan faithful its kinda endearing. Complete weirdos from the top down.

Unknown said...

This whole coach H drama is going to leave a bad taste in the players mouth. I see many more transfers coming. Big name transfers to.....

Lobo4713 said...

Here's what we know - Jim has a contract. He's owed 9M in 2021. Jim doesn't like the extension. Lower base pay, incentives he's been unable achieve in 6 years, a buyout that makes giving him the boot an easy pill to swallow. Summary - the extension screams -Jim you've failed! But if you'll take this pay cut, we'll give ya one more shot. Anybody think Jim's ego gonna go for that? Now, Ward can give Jim the extension he wants but then he'd be in danger of losing HIS job. Fan base okay with rewarding Jim??? So, here's what's up. Ward, knowing Jim doesn't want the current extension is hope, hope, hoping Jim finds an NFL job because he doesn't want the 9M hit if he fires him and he CAN NOT give Jim the extension he wants. Dead line... Jim's got a contract. If no NFL, I'm convinced Ward's going to have to pull the trigger.

Unknown said...

If players were leaving they would have been gone!

szanreno said...

We know Jim doesn't like the extension?? How do we "know" that? I suspect he doesn't, but I haven't heard this...

Goose said...

In the most literal sense yes its speculation that jim doesn't like the extension. However Based on the obvious fact that it's not signed, clearly indicates that his speculation is in fact true. Makes sense to me, but hey what do I know I dont operate in the bizzaro world that is Michigan.

Rudy said...

Winning fixes alot. That bad taste in the mouth right now that JH is giving because he's playing his options can all go away....IF HE WINS! Saban is one of the biggest dbags in coaching but he wins so he gets all the love and commercials. If he so much as had one "so-so" season, you'd see what they really think of him. Jimmy is an odd duck. If he were winning championships, he'd be considered a genius. But not winning the big ones means he's just an odd duck. He's playing the field right now and while that may be best for his personal agenda, it doesn't represent a man who said he's "all in".