Friday, February 12, 2021

Michigan Friday: Some Recruits Commit - Sumeren De-commit

The #2 player in Michigan and a top 250 recruit DT Alex VanSumeren has decommitted from Michigan in the 2022 class.   This leads back to senior Ben VanSumeren who is currently on the roster.  Ben is expected to pop into the transfer portal and now Alex is looking for a new school.   A year ago, this would be a completely freak out situation, today I'm much more confident in the new staff recruiting a position of need.  

Ben's problem was that he never found a spot on Michigan's roster.   He was a somewhat effective RB until he had a crushing fumble against Army.  I think that was the last time we saw him.  He has bounced around from FB to LB since then.   Nothing stuck because he didn't have a natural position.  I know everyone thinks they are going to turn a transfer into a spot in the NFL draft, but there are 1000 players in the transfer portal which means most of those players are not going to find a spot.  

Good luck to the VanSumeren's on their new locations. 

  • One of the top players in State for the 2022 class Josh Burnham has Michigan in his final 3 with ND and Wisconsin. 

  • Michigan Basketball takes the floor again against Wisconsin on Sunday.   The Women's team played last night and folks are wondering out loud: why the Women's team could play and the Men's team could not? Michigan cancelled a game against Illinois that was schedule for Thursday night. 

  • Urban Meyer thinks the football world revolves around him, as he has hired the S&C coach from Iowa that was fired for racists concerns and treating a player with a learning disability poorly. 

  • The Pouncey Brothers have retired at the same time.   I just remember one of them saying, "Free Aaron Hernandez".  Which is really unbelievable.  

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