Monday, March 1, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: A Great Weekend For The Wolverines

I love weekends like this last one, lets face it, Michigan's Football best season has been the off season lately and Michigan Basketball is playing elite basketball right now.  

Michigan traveled to Bloomington on Saturday and didn't play their best game but it was enough to beat the under maned Hoosiers.   This will be another short turn around week with a huge game against Illinois on Tuesday and back to back's against Sparty to end the final season.   Michigan needs to win 1 game this week to be crowned Big Ten Champions!   Let's Go!!!!!

Michigan Football also got 2 pieces of good news on Sunday. 

1 - Michigan legacy, #1 Player in Michigan 2022 and 5 star CB Will Johnson committed to the Wolverines.  Jimmy kept him in this class through all the coaching changes and Will seemed to connect with Coach Mo since then.  This was a must win for the Wolverines and hopefully the tip of more good news on the recruiting trail.   Love the new recruiting strategy.  

2- Michigan found some QB depth in the transfer portal with grad transfer Alan Bowman from Texas Tech.   Bowman has started 16 games for TT and completes 67% of his passes.  He is a pro style QB and doesn't run.   He will miss Spring Practice so he will have to learn the offense this summer and in Fall camp but having a guy with playing experience is very important.   Bowman has played 3 years so I expect he will have 1 left.  He did get injured in 2019 and only played in 3 games, so a red shirt year could be in play for another if needed.   Then there is the 2020 rule of not counting so he should easily have 2 years in A2.

Now that is a good weekend!!!

  • Sparty after 2 great home wins, loses to Maryland on the road on Sunday. 
  • OSU after playing a classic with Michigan has lost 3 in a row to Michigan, MSU, and now Iowa.  
  • Kansas also beat Baylor who is also knock the rust off after a COVID shutdown. 
  • Berkley Edwards is playing in that Johnny Manziel Fan Controlled league. 


Goblu said...

I read Bowman has 3 years left, which seems odd. I don’t know much about him - but yet another transfer QB does worry me. We either develop our talent or not - and seems like we get shiny object transfers that take away from development.

szanreno said...

I read the same thing about the three years remaining. I immediately thought of Patterson. Is this the Patterson syndrome?

Tim said...

I also read he has three years. He was able to redshirt in 2019.

I sure hope this is just to add depth or competition for QB. If Bowman walks in and starts day 1 we are screwed.

He is 6'3" and athletic. Maybe Jimmy will move to TE :)

alablue said...

Need db from the transfer portal bad!

Rudy said...

Truly doubt they are thinking of Bowman as the starter, only as a quality QB with experience to add depth and leadership. I think it's a great pickup...only hope he doesn't bail again if he doesn't see the green. Great news on Will, hopefully he's on the horn with some other recruits. Beat the $uckeyes, make the world right again.

EzmoB said...

This is for depth IMO. You guys remember when Speight and O’korn got hurt?? Yea if Cade and JJ get hurt who do we have???? Villari? This is a good move coach H.