Monday, May 10, 2021

Michigan Monday: Blame Les Miles

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I used a joke a few weeks ago, when transfer portal addition Willie Allen, checked out of hotel Ann Arbor after a disappointing Spring, "Even Dan Enos thought his exit was quick".   You could use that same joke for new Co-DC Mo Linguist who just got to Ann Arbor and left this weekend for a head coaching job at Buffalo.    You can't blame a guy for getting a D1 head coaching job and Buffalo has been seen a place where coaches go to get a Power 5 job if they do a good job.   Mo also has ties to the program and was its former Co-DC in chilly Upstate New York.

This is really Les Miles fault anyway.   LSU concludes in a report that Les had some unacceptable contact with female LSU students/football hostess.  He is let go from his current job at Kansas when this report is made public.   Kansas goes out and hires Lance Leipold from Buffalo.  (I can't decide if he has a better -  high wire circus act or WWE wrestler that always loses name).   Mo gets hired at Buffalo.   Damn it Les! 

So now what?  

I have heard 3 names to replace Mo.  

#1: Steve Clinkscale, DB coach Kentucky.  Steve is known as a great recruiter and both Michigan and MSU have both tried to hire him in the past.  This would be a grand slam hire. 

#2: Roy Manning, CB coach Oklahoma.   Roy started his career at Cincinnati and then coached in Ann Arbor.  He is seen as another rising star and monster recruiter in the profession and might be looking to get a DC title.  Roy of course is a Michigan man and former LB.  Getting Roy back is a home run hire.  

#3: Cato June, LB coach BGSU.  This name needs no introduction to Michigan fans.  The former Wolverine and NFL LB (6 years in the league) is a new to college coaching.  His college coaching started at Howard in 2016, UMass last season, and is now with Bowling Green.   He knows the game and is a legacy player coming home, but we don't know if he can recruit.   I think this would be a good hire but he would clearly be a position coach vs. a Co-DC. 

You can't go wrong with any of those 3 guys and the first two will be expensive but worth it for their recruiting chops and raising stars.  Love the idea of former players coming home to coach but Cato has the most question marks.  

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Cormac said...

Cato June #3? I have heard that Doug Mallory is #2 and Cody(?) Robinson from the NO Saints is #3. The advantage that those two have over Manning and June is that both are familiar with recruiting and more importantly, they have coached DBs before.