Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Franz Enters the NBA Draft and The High and Lows of Rashad Weaver

Sports Illustrated

In 2016 Jimmy pulled the scholarship offer from Florida 3 star DE Rashad Weaver.   We never know the reasons why, but that class included Rashan Gary the #1 recruit in the country who also happened to be a DE.  Josh Uche was also in that class as a DE/LB.  

Rashad Weaver tuned down Jimmy's walk-on offer and headed to Pitt on a full scholarship.   Weaver turned into an All American DE and got drafted this past weekend in the 4th round by the Titans. 

Rashad was disappointed he was taken so late, but other news was coming.  Last Friday, Weaver got into a situation with a women in a Pittsburg bar, just a day before being drafted.   Reports are that a women either spilled or threw a drink at Weaver and he either hit or pushed her to the ground, causing a concussion.   Weaver was charged with simple assault and was quoted as saying to police at the scene:  The complaint also states that Weaver “stated to other officers on scene that he had no problem hitting a female if they needed it” before leaving the bar where he and Navjelis had an argument before the alleged assault.

Rashad has denied these charges and the Titans were not aware of them when they drafted Weaver on Saturday.


As I'm finishing up today's post Franz Wagner announces he will be entering the NBA Draft.   This isn't a surprise and the only interesting thing about this decision, was the time he took to announce it.   He is considered a hybrid player and Lottery Pick.  ESPN right now predicts him #9 in their Mock Draft.  He will sign with an agent which shuts the door to coming back to Ann Arbor.  

We wish him nothing but the best and hope he has a long NBA career!  Does the Wagner's have anymore kids?  

  • Speaking of Wolverines who left for the NBA, Iggy has signed a 10 day contract with the Orlando Magic and will join Mo Wagner for a couple of weeks.   I wish Iggy had stayed in Ann Arbor at least another year.   

May the 4th Be With You! 


lryblack said...

So 1 for 10 Wagner is leaving, who cares.

Unknown said...

How do these kids think they're that good?
I'm proud that they are Wolverines...but c'mon, since the Illinois game Wagner shouldn't have played a minute his performance was so bad. Brown was a second stringer. Michigan was good, but not that good.

Something else must be the reason. Perhaps the recruitment of new players is going to cut into their minutes and thus lower their "NBA profile"?