Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Wonders What We Have?

This Michigan Football team continues to have more questions then answers.  Fall Camp is just weeks away and we don't know a lot about this team.   On one hand, that could be a good thing, because if we don't know, Michigan's early opponents won't know.  Either way, I would feel a lot better for Michigan's chances next season, if we had a better base to work from then 2020.  

What I know for sure:

  • Michigan is deep at Running Back 
  • Dax Hill could be an All American 
  • Aiden Hutchinson will get drafted
Questions are everywhere:
  • QB? A starter with experience in the program vs. 5 star freshman vs. strong armed transfer
  • Offensive Line - Word from Sam Webb is that Ed Warriner didn't connect with the younger guys and maybe all the talent will now show up. 
  • WR's - There is talent here but little to no production to date.   Some guys struggle to catch the ball.
  • TE - All or Schoonmaker somebody needs a break out year 
  • DT - guys that haven't played or an often injured transfer to step up 
  • DE - considering that Hutch will get double teamed, another pass rusher needs to stand up 
  • LB - Ross and what?
  • CB - too many colors (green/gray) and not enough pass break-ups
  • S - should be good with Hill and Hawkins 
Ok Mr. Negative, how about some positive notes:
  • Michigan has options at QB and could find magic with one of them.  We have no idea what the TT guy will do and can he pick up the offense in a month? 
  • Oline is deep and could be really good with better coaching and development.   If there are gains here, the running game could dominate.   I always thought Warriner was really good developing guys, but his lack of recruiting and connecting with the young guys might be the reason he is now coaching in Boca Raton.
  • LB - Ross is back at LB and maybe the young guys will step up.  
  • Michigan has much needed new leadership on defense and maybe can mix up schemes to confuse other offenses.  Which would be a new strategy.
  • CB and DT needs a superstar young guy to step up.  At CB: Perry, Turner, Johnson, Sheldon, Green-Warren.   DT - Jeter, Smith, Morris, Hinton, Upshaw.
  • DE - lots of love for McGregor who is a redshirt freshman to play on the other side of Hutch.   If not, Michigan needs to find a Uche type of pass rush guy.
  • Safety is deep and might need to move guys like Morant or Moten to CB
  • Hard to draw any conclusions from a COVID year. 

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