Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gone Missing: Iowa Hawkeye Athletics

Remember the days when Kirk Frentz was pulling in high profile top 10 recruiting classes? Remember when Iowa was competing for the Rose Bowl every year? Kirk was on the top of every NFL GM's wish list? Iowa was winning wrestling championships every year?

Ok, Wrestling is still strong in Iowa City but the other programs have suffered lately. One example is the Directors Cup which rates each D1 Athletics program nationally. In the Directors Cup point system, a championship in Women's Softball is equal to a championship in Men's Basketball. Michigan as you know finished 3rd behind Stanford (who wins it every year) and UCLA.

Where did Iowa finish? 51 out of 279 D1 Schools.

Iowa was the lowest rated Big Ten Team finishing 11 places lower then Northwestern. Yes, Northwestern. Iowa's highest preforming sports last year were Wrestling (Big 10 and NCAA title) and a Big Ten Tournament Champion Field Hockey team.

Maybe it's just an off year for their Athletic programs? Michigan lost to App. State last year right? Maybe Kirk is doing well in recruiting and rebuilding his program? Let's check it out:

For the 2009 Class: Iowa has two commits: a three star OL and a one star FB. Compared to 12 commits for Michigan and PSU and 23 at OSU. Not Good!

What about the 2008 Class? Rivals ranked them at the 53rd class with no 4 or 5 star recruits: 13 three stars and 11 recruits rated two stars or below.

Iowa finished their 2007 football campaign with a loss to Western Michigan and with out a bowl game. The problems for the football program unfortunately wasn't just on the field, 12 players had legal trouble in 2007 (charges ranging from drug use, theft, and drunk driving).

They open the 2008 campaign against the fighting Maine Bears, Florida International, Iowa State, and Pitt.

Memo to John Wienke and Kirk Ferentz: You both had a chance to become Wolverines in this off season right? You both decided to stay Hawkeyes right? Ok, just checking.

If any of these programs are found please return them to their rightful owners in Iowa City. Good Luck Iowa the Big Ten needs you! (and the Big Ten Network).

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