Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barwis Buy Out and Wednesday's Pot Luck of Information

Barwis Buyout? Ok, it's one thing to ask for a large buyout when your head coach leaves for Michigan, but now you want money from your former Strength and Conditioning coach? WVU is asking Mike Barwis for $50,000 for a buyout of his contract that he broke at West Virgina when he left for Michigan. They are also asking questions around a missing highlighter and two pencils that were mysteriously lost sometime around December 07. I know a way to settle this? How about a cage match instead, Winner takes all? Stay Classy West Virgina, Stay Classy.

  • Cash Money: Michigan graduate and Billionaire Stephen Ross now owns the Miami Dolphins (and Bill Parcells).

  • Bowling in Hawaii: Speaking of the Dolphins, Jake Long is heading to the Pro Bowl. Congrats Jake!

  • Can I get a DC around here? Between the Wolverines and the Detroit Lions, Detroit Metro Football teams combined for 3 wins last Fall. They also both hired Defensive Coordinators a day apart. The Lions hired Gunther Cunningham as their DC today. I wonder if "Richie and the Fonz" will be moving to Detroit as well.

  • RIP Stoney and Wojo: For those of you in the Detroit Metro Area, I am sorry to hear that WDFAN will now only air national radio shows. I very much enjoyed Stoney and Wojo. I guess this is another example of our down economy and the lack of advertising radio and news papers are seeing.

  • Does anyone do house calls anymore? Yes, they do and Travante Stallworth is getting one from Coach Rod today. Meaning, they really want Travante to become a Wolverine.

  • Coach, where should I go? Denard Robinson coach says Michigan is in his top two but he is not sure he has a leader at this point. The other school in the top two is rumored to be Kansas State. Florida and Georiga are also still being considered.

  • He does have game! Courtney Sims, former Wolverine center (who has been tearing up the development league) signed a 10 day contract with the Phoenix Suns. Who knew?

  • Surprise Signing Day Commit? Titusville, Fla., four-star receiver Willie Haulstead (6-3, 210) says Michigan is still in the hunt and he could very well sign with them on 2/4. He might be this years Roy Roundtree. Willie is currently committed to FSU.

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Crusselldrums said...

I agree that it seems petty, but it is a contract. Now why the WV admin only now is looking into this is crazy. I doubt if anything comes of this one. WVU is happy with it's new S&C staff...