Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I thought Michigan was supposed to be better with LLP?

Now, I'm not knocking this kid. I think he will be a very good player for Michigan. I just don't understand what is going on with this team right now. The game last night against Penn State was a complete joke. They were not ready to play at all. I know they are young, but the plan can't be to live and die with the 3, can it?

Laval Lucas Perry is a good player but I'm not sure what he has done to get all his minutes. He missed all 6 of his three point shots last night. It seems the make up of this team has changed since he started. The walk ons are not getting as many minutes and the Michigan basketball team has seemly lost their energy/hustle on the court.

I could be wrong, but what has changed since the start of the Big Ten? You can't say the competition is better, because Michigan beat now #2 Duke and #11 UCLA. I know defenses are now, playing more zone against Michigan and not giving open 3's, but if that is the case then Sims and Gibson should be getting lay ups.

I maybe way off, but something is wrong with this team right now. Maybe they were just hot early and now cold, but something has to change and change fast.

BTW: Jevohn Shepherd finally got some minutes last night. He had 4 points in limited action.

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this team right now? Big Ten refs. No joke at all. The OOC play was not reffed by these tools. The O$U game was a complete sham, it felt sleazy. I know because I was there. The refs just called shit. There was a flagrant call where there should have been a regular, it was awful. Big Ten refs account for a ten point swing to the home team every game, except the o$u game. It was nuts.