Friday, January 16, 2009

Is this Michigan's New Defensive Coordinator?

Coach, Can I get you a breath mint?

The rumor train has been slow on Michigan's DC search but today it started to take more of a "real" turn. This New York paper even hints that it's a done deal:
Former Syracuse University head football coach Greg Robinson may be headed to the University of Michigan to serve as defensive coordinator. One source said it's a done deal. Another source said they thought Robinson might be involved with UCLA.
How do I feel about this? Well, I don't know really. He has done good things and done really bad things. His last stint as head coach at Syracuse was a disaster. He had an average D at Texas and some really good defenses for the Denver Bronco's and some very poor ones. What I do find very strange is that Michigan seemly would have traded Scott Shafer their 2008 DC to Syracuse for their 2008 head coach.

Taking a walk around the web, here is what some folks have said:

Brian at Mgoblog: Maybe the abject failure at Syracuse was one of recruiting, motivation, and roster assembly, and not schemes, but since Rodriguez doesn't coach the defense at all he's really hiring someone to be head coach of half his team. In that context, Greg Robinson seems like a horrible choice.

Those who stay: With his hayday coming in 1997 and 1998, does he have anything left after going 3-9 at Syracuse? Who knows… Would I give him the chance? If Rich Rodriguez thinks he can work with him and the retained defensive staff buy into Robinson’s scheme, I see no reason why he cannot turn around the sieve that was Shafer’s 2008 Michigan defensive squad.

Pro's: He's been a Pro and has a lot of NFL experience. Even though he didn't do well as a head coach be probably can game plan and make adjustments as well as anyone. I would expect his knowledge of the game to be pretty high.

Con's: His age is a factor on a pretty young staff, he is also known as a poor recruiter (then again you try to recruit to Syracuse?). Does he have the energy to do this job? This isn't Lloyd Carr's Michigan anymore.

Not sure I'm in love with this choice (if he is the guy) and I'm not sure I hate it. The reason Shafer was shipped to Syracuse was he couldn't get along with RR's staff and his unit struggled all year long. Coach Rod has been around for awhile and knows a ton of coaches and coached against Robinson in the Big East, so he must see something in him. I hope he is right.

Heck how about Gruden? I hear he is available!

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