Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things I don't get about Michigan Basketball

Ok, so the #24 ranked Wolverines have dropped two games this week. One to Illinois on the road and the second to Ohio State last night. In both games, Michigan had a lead but failed to build on it and lost the game in the second half. I know John Beilein is a basketball genius and I'm just a blogger, but here are a couple of things I just don't get about the current squad.

  • I thought Laval Lucas-Perry was going to play point guard? I haven't seen him play point once this year.

  • If Grady isn't' going to use his speed to penetrate then he is useless in the half court sets. He shoots way too many threes.

  • When the other team goes big, why isn't Sims and Gibson on the floor at the same time? Michigan needs size to better match up.

  • Where in the world is Senior Jevohn Shepherd? He played a very nice roll in Michigan's pre Big Ten season. He is very athletic and can drive to the hoop. He is getting zero time.

  • What is the plan for our half court sets against a zone? It looks like we throw the ball around the three point line until someone throws up a desperation 3. We need more drives and kick outs for open 3's. (Calling Jevohn Shepherd? Grady?)

  • Manny played very well, last night. But sometimes the rest of the team goes "Chicago Bulls" on us and just waits for Many to make a basket. Someone cut to the basket.

  • I really like Zack Novak and Stu Douglass, but they are sort of the same player. Stu is better running the point and Zack does the little things to get loose balls. At times we need more of an athletic player on defense and someone to drive to the hoop. (Shepherd anyone?)

  • With the last two games of 7 footers dominating Michigan, why can't Eric Puls get in for a few minutes? At least foul someone so they can earn the 2 points by going to the line.

  • Three point shooting is going to be hot and cold each game and even each drive. We need some type of low post game while Sims works out of his slump.

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Amen brotha!