Monday, February 2, 2009

A Buckeye Wins MVP but the Wolverines Shine in the Super Bowl

Ok, so Santonio Holmes made a nice catch in the end zone but many Wolverines played well in last night's Super Bowl.

Top Wolverine Performances:

  • Stevie Breaston: Stevie was a large part of the Cardinals offense all night. He caught 6 passes for a total of 71 yards and had a 34 yard punt return. He also made the first catch of the game for the Cardinals. Stevie almost made the play of day, when he ran down Harrison on the goal line after his pick 6. Just a foot short.

  • Lamar Woodley: Wood had all of the Steelers sacks (which was 2), including the game winning sack on the Cardinals last play that forced a fumble and turnover. Wood ended the game with 4 total tackles.

  • Larry Foote: Had two tackles on the night, but didn't give U of M props during his introduction when he went "Dougboys" on us.

  • Gabe Watson: was in on the opening tackle of the game and also saved a touchdown on a Roethlisberger's QB draw near the goal line on 3rd down.

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