Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Early Look at 2010 Needs and Potential Recruits

Devin Gardner

As a Michigan fan when you start to think about the recruiting class of 2010, a few needs come quickly to mind. Linebacker, Defensive Line, another QB, and Defensive Backs.

Of course you always take positions like Running Back, WR (already 3 verbally committed to 2010), and Offensive Line. But LB, DL, QB, and DB are the key needs for the Wolverines in 2010. Some fans may argue, Michigan is good at QB with Threet, Forcier, and Robinson but until that position is solidified, Michigan needs to recruit dual threat QB's every year.

For all of you that don't follow recruiting religiously, I will give you some Michigan targets by position for 2010. All of the following recruits either have a Michigan offer or RR and staff are watching them closely.

1) Devin Gardner, 6-4, 195 from Inkster, MI
2) Robert Bolden, 6-4, 195 from Orchard Lake, MI
3) Christian Green, 6-2, 200 from Tampa, FL
4) Cornelius Jones, 6-3, 185 from Spartansburg, SC

Defensive Line - DE
1) William Gholston, 6-7, 240 from Detroit
2) Derrick Bryant, 6-4, 230 from Columbus, OH
3) Darryl Baldwin, 6-6, 240 from Solon, OH

1) Jay Guy, 6-2, 300, Texas
2) Johnathon Hankins, 6-3, 326 from Detroit
3) Tremondae Branch, 6-0, 264 from Flint

1) Dior Mathis, 5-9, 171 Detroit Cass Tech
2) Lo Wood, 5-11, 175 Apopka, Fl
3) Cullen Christian, 6-1, 180 Pittsburgh, PA

1) Austin Gray, 6-2, 210 from Warren, MI
2) Danial Easterly, 6-5, 200 from Detroit Cass Tech
3) Joran Hicks, 6-2 200 from West Chester, OH

A couple of things come to mind when I see this list. Michigan will continue to recruit the States of Michigan and Florida hard. It also looks like the state of Michigan will have a very good crop of recruits for 2010, headlining by Devin Gardner and William Gholsten both expected to be 5 star recruits. Expect to see the following names make trips to the State of Michigan this year: Meyer, Kiffin, Tressel, Zook, and Carroll.


KB said...

If RR recruits MI hard and gets Gardner, Gholston, and Mathis watch out! Michigan might have more 4-5 star HS players than Ohio this year. Lets keep Gholston from following his brother to OSU. He's our backyard we need to lock him in.

Bob said...

I agree, but the early rumors are the Gardner is a big OSU fan. I hope that's untrue and he stays in Michigan!