Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michigan 2009 Recruiting Class: "Name" Awards

Michigan 2009 class was setting up be the "best" unique named players in the country when the de-commitment bug hit some the "named" stars in this class. Michigan lost: Shavodrick Beaver, DeQuinta Jones, and Pearlie Graves and replaced them with names like Robinson, Washington, and Stokes.

Michigan went quickly from the top of the mountain in the "mystical" top unique recruits names title to middle of the pack. The reason LSU had the top class this year was not the number of 4 and 5 star recruits they were able to attain, it's because they were able to sign Barkevious Mingo. That is a 5 star name if I have ever seen one.

The best the "Vest" could do was Jack Mewhort a 4 star OL from Toledo. Ohio State's class is full of names like Hall, Carter, Brown, Fields, Jackson, and Bell. How is anyone going to recognize those names? I know OSU fan, why don't you give every player on the team a nickname? Things like "Boom" or "Beanie" should do the trick.

Now on to Michigan's nominee list for this year's award (5 player minimum):

  1. Fitzgerald Toussaint
  2. Vladimir Emilien
  3. Tate Forcier
  4. Anthony LaLota
  5. Taylor Lewan

Players that were not eligible for the Mystical Title include:

  1. Isaiah Bell
  2. William Campbell
  3. Jeremy Gallon
  4. Brendan Gibbons
  5. Cameron Gordon
  6. Thomas Gordon
  7. Brandin Hawthorne
  8. Mike Jones
  9. Teric Jones
  10. Denard Robinson
  11. Craig Roh
  12. Michael Schofield
  13. Vincent Smith
  14. Je'Ron Stokes
  15. Justin Turner
  16. Quinton Washington
  17. Adrian Witty

As you can see Michigan's top two names are great! But after the losses of Shavodrick, DeQuinta, and Pearlie. Michigan never had a clear shot at the title. There is no way your going to win this title with 2 Gordon's, 2 Jones, a Robinson, and a Turner for goodness sakes. I like Je'Ron coming in late but his last name wasn't enough for him to get nominated.

Outlook for 2010? Not good! There is a Miller, Jackson, and Robinson already verbally committed. The names in this class better start getting unique or we will have to look to 2011 for another trophy. I think Barkevious might have a younger brother?

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