Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Walk On Depth at DT

After losing 2 four star defensive tackles in the last 24 hours, Michigan has added some depth to the position with two walk-ons from Northern Michigan. Linemen Nate Brink and Jason Nyhof finalized their walk-on status to the Wolverines on Wednesday. Both players are from Holland Christian in Holland, Michigan.

Holland Christian head coach, Willie Snead says:

“I know Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez. He was a walk-on at West Virginia. He has an affinity for kids who are willing to come in and work,” Snead said. “He’s a blue-collar guy. If I’m going to walk on, I’d prefer to walk on to his place or Urban Meyer’s place at Florida.

For the record: Nyhof is 6-3 277lbs and is Brink 6-5 218lbs. Maybe they never see the field during a game, but at least they give Michigan some depth for emergencies and practice.

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Anonymous said...

I've got a major problem with you speculating so heavily that Mike Leach and his staff used negative recruiting to get ANYONE. Our staff is widely known for taking the high road, and teaching the kids that Texas Tech wants their team to be a family, not arrogant coaches who think they're God's gift to football (ahem, RR). You have ONE source that says something maybe happened because Pearlie's high school staff is able to recognize that another horrible losing season in the Big 10 will get RR fired. That is absolute CRAP and you know it.

Speculation is one thing, but you're trying to connect dots that don't even exist, and it's sad that that is one way you might be trying to draw in fans/readers is by feeding them false information to get their emotions going so that they'll continue to read your blog.

Absolutely sad what you're doing.