Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Wild Ride..........Signing Day in Review

Want to know what happened today in just a few seconds? Well this post if for you:

  • The day started out with a number of verbal commits sending in their LOI's early
  • Then around 9:30, Michigan found out they had lost 4 Star DT Pearlie Graves to Texas Tech, I don't want to talk out of school but Mike Leach might have been doing some negative recruiting regarding Michigan and Coach Rodriguez.
  • Then at 11:00 Michigan found out they landed the team mates from Florida Denard Robinson a 4 star Athlete QB and Adrian Witty a defensive back.
  • Around 12:30 Michigan found out they lost another "soft" DT verbal commit DeQuinta Jones to Arkansas.
  • At 3:00 Michigan learned they got the WR they had been recruiting since late fall and former Tennessee commit Je'Ron Stokes.

So to net it out for you, in the last 24 hours: Michigan signed 3 four star players (Quinton Washington, Je'Ron Stokes, and Denard Robinson) and lost 2 four star players.

This is a solid class which should rank around #10 nationally. Rich Rod and staff signed 22 of the 24 players they were recruiting. So it was a successful day, there still remains needs on the defensive line which will be a focus for the 2010 class.


bellateke said...

you better have proof if you are going to make those accusations about Mike Leach. Nevermind michigan football could suck start a harley. Hey lets go play in the cold and lose to App State and Notre Dame. What a clown column. You might want to go duche.

Anonymous said...

How do you negative recruite Michigan, the winningest football program of all time?

TulsaOK said...

This is bs.. I know Pearlie and there was nothing but a straight foward family approach with Pearlie. And the fact that Tech stuck with him after he committted to Michigan is what made Pearlie choose Texas Tech. No negative recruiting whatsoever. Get your facts straight, oh wait you don't have any facts. But I guess that is the beauty of the internet, you can say whatever like it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

If there's one school that DOES NOT negatively recruit, it's Texas Tech. You better watch the crap you post on this blog because you're feeding your readers with nothing but a load of BS.

Anonymous said...

Boys and Girls,
Let’s not all be haters! Love the Passion, however you sound like a bunch of kids on a playground.
Lesson for the day Boys and Girls: “If you can’t say something nice, then keep your pie hole shut!
BHBob, “outstanding” work on recruiting day.
“Detroit News”

Bob said...

Per Sam Webb from Scouts: Some "coaches" on Peralie final list we telling Pearlie that Rich Rod and staff were going to get fired after next year. RR even spoke about it in general on ESPN yesterday.

So I consider those two pretty good sources. Nobody calls Mike Leach out by name, but it's not a far jump gentleman. After a 3-9 season, I expect there to be negatitive recruiting but flat out lying to kids is different.

Anonymous said...

Scouts inc. or

Either way, if MU has another 3-9 season, then he WILL get fired. Especially as crappy as the Big 10 is, 3-9 is an absolute mockery of what Michigan should allow their staff to have. Rich Rod is a slimy coach that had enough dirty recruiting tactics when he left West Virginia (remember how all their recruiting notes just disappeared when he left, only to find out they'd been burned up)

How's that for dirty?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Sam Webb of right?

Ohhhhh man, don't even get me started on the content that has. They're turrrrrrrible in comparison even to ESPN and especially Rivals.