Thursday, March 26, 2009

Michigan Trying to get a "Leg up" in Recruiting

  • Stephen Curry's brother Seth is looking to transfer from Liberty to join a team/conference that provides better competition. I know Michigan doesn't have any scholarships available next year (of course Seth would have to sit out a year) but this kid can shoot the ball and could do some serious damage in John Beilein's offense. Seth averaged 20 points a game as a Freshman this past year.

  • Making a B-Line to CBS: Michigan head basketball coach John Beilein will serve as one of the guest coach analyst for this weekend's sweet 16 and elite 8 games on CBS.

  • Texas Linebacker Caleb Lavey gives Michigan his "lead" after his visit to Ann Arbor this past weekend. The Lavey family has ties to "the program", Caleb's father was an equipment manger for the Wolverines from 75-79. Caleb is rated the 15th LB in the nation and given 3 stars by Scouts. Quick side note: This time of year you can really tell a kids talent level not from the stars he receives but by the offers he is receiving: Which for Caleb include the likes of: Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas AM, and many more. Here are a few quotes from Caleb on his trip to A2: "I really like Coach Rodriguez," said Caleb. "He left me no doubt in my mind that he will be able to turn Michigan around. He's a great coach and a great guy. Me and my dad sat down and talked with him. We talked about the program and what his plans are. Another trait that stood out was the vigor with which the players practiced. "It was just unbelievable how hyped up they were and how they were just getting after each other," Caleb reported. "It was great." It definitely opened my eyes and moved Michigan up in the ranks," the talented youngster admitted. "I love Michigan and the distance really isn't a problem with me. It just depends on how it all happens - which (school) I feel most comfortable at. I would feel very comfortable with Michigan, so there is no doubt they are on high my list. I think I got all of the questions I had answered." Sounds like a Michigan Man to me.

  • Do you feel that Mel Kiper is credible? If you do, reading this (about Carson Butler) will change your mind: "Butler is going to block and get the job done there," Kiper said. "(Teams want) a guy who can block. You have to secure the edge. These 3-4 teams you're going up against, you have to be able to handle, (and) you handle with a blocking tight end. Carson Butler as a late-round pick for those types of teams would have some value." The only person Carson "Blocked" while in Ann Arbor, was that Nerd he beat up a couple of years ago. Carson was moved to DE late last year because he couldn't block anyone.

  • Do you wonder why Newspapers are going out of business? It's for stories like this one from the Cleveland Plain Dealer Blog on William Gholston who is the cousin of former Buckeye Vernon Gholston. Here is a quote from the article: That player, however, may have his eyes on the Ohio State Buckeyes (which, of course, is the right move). That player is 6-7, 240-pound linebacker William Gholston. If the author of this article did 5 minutes of research or even read this blog! He would know Ohio State has not offered William to date. Well done!

  • Former Wolverine Todd Howard is doing some good outside of Chicago. He has a proposal on the table to turn a former Ace Hardware Building into Touchdowns Sports Arena, a place for kids to become better football players and work on academics like preparing for the ACT and SAT tests.

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