Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight's the Night we Make History...........

No I don't expect the Detroit Duo of Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims to "Shock the World" and take the Wolverines to the Final Four. In fact, I'm not sure Michigan has the fire power to beat Clemson, a solid ACC team.

Winning or losing tonight doesn't really matter to me. What matters is that John Beilein with 2 highly skilled players from Detroit, 2 freshman sharp shooters for Indiana, and 2 senior walk- on's will take the court in the NCAA Tournament tonight in Kansas City. What an accomplishment!

Officially are gone the days of, coaches that were coaching "over their head" at Michigan, The Fab 5, a long deceased numbers runner from Detroit, Tractor Traylor, Louis Bullock, bad Athletic Directors, recruiting the wrong type of athletes, Brian Ellerbe, and many more bad things.

Tonight is about celebration! It's about accomplishment. This team is still very young and has basically one low post player. So if Michigan shoots the three well, gets the ball down into Sims in the post and pulls out a win, I will be very happy.

If Michigan plays nervous, turns the ball over, does that pass the ball around the 3 point arch all day then throws up a desperation 3 with 5 seconds on the shot clock thing. They will most likely get beat by 20. If that happens, I will still have a smile on my face and I will get off my couch, stand up, and clap for John Beilein, CJ Lee, David Merritt, Jevohn Shepard and the rest of the 2008-2009 Wolverines. This group of young men did something special this year, they made The Michigan Wolverine Basketball Program relevant again, which is easier said then done. We have 11 years of proof.

Good Luck Tonight Boys and Go Blue!

Memo to RR: BTW I plan on writing the same post after the Alamo Bowl next year. Please don't let us down. We have already seen what a former WVU coach can do in two years!

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