Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big House Thursday: Recruiting Update and Police Blotter

Many recruiting insiders believe Brennan Clay was a long shot to leave the west coast, Rivals and the USA Today have a different take on Michigan's chances to land Tate Forcier's former teammate: But many believe Clay will join Forcier at Michigan, and Clay is trying to find a way to attend the Wolverines' spring game this weekend.

"We are trying to figure everything out economically right now, but I'm really hoping I can make it there," he said. "Michigan, it's been there from the get-go and it is in my top five. They are definitely going to have a fair shot at me, and I'll be able to visit out there sooner or later."

Tate, is he any good? "Brennan and I are very close friends, so I have no problem saying he was one of the biggest reasons our offense was so explosive," Forcier said last fall before ending up at Michigan. "He's the real deal."

  • In a dumb move, the Alamo Bowl will be played after January 1st on January 2nd. Now the Big Ten can compete against that bowl game in Canada. I don't know about you but they just keep making the bowl system soooo much better, I really don't think I have a need for a playoff system now. I wonder when we will get the first February Bowl Game? Maybe it could be in Florida and fans could watch a college football game and then a baseball spring training game. How can the people that run these conferences and Bowl games be so out of touch of what people what to see?

  • Do you think Forcier has the starting job locked up? Here is what RR had to say on the radio on Wednesday: "(Freshman quarterback) Tate (Forcier) has been taking all the reps with the first group. I think it's good for him and it's helped in his development," Rodriguez said. "But we're going to be a lot more comfortable in August with (injured QB) Nick (Sheridan) coming back (to compete for the starting job)."

  • Newly commited Wolverine Devin Gardner says he is going to help recruit some in-state talent: "I'll talk to Will Gholston (Detroit Southeastern) and Dior Mathis (Detroit Cass Tech). I'm going to try to get those guys because they're in-state. (C.J.) Olaniyan (Warren Mott) is a real good player. I don't know him, but that would be a real good pick up for Michigan, too." He is also trying to improve on his QB skills by attending some camps: He plans to further his development by heading to a number of skill camps this summer, including the one put on by Peyton and Eli Manning. "I don't know much about it, but I know that Matthew Stafford and (a number of other quarterbacks) all went to it," Gardner said.

  • Michigan WR Darryl Stonum was sentenced to probation for his DUI last fall.

  • Speaking of DUI's: Since Leon Hall is a Cincinnati Bengal, I guess it was only a matter of time before he got one. Which he did.

  • SI Ranks RR #2 in Big Ten Coaches. Which I agree with, but Tressel should be #1 in what he has accomplished. Not Kirk Ferentz.


Anonymous said... I am confused. What did SI use as criteria to rank Rich Rod above Tressel? It couldn't be overall won-loss percentage (Tressel by a large percentage, and it can't be by last season's accomplishments. So, any idea? I won't even argue for #1...the top three can be a toss up. Just curious.

Bob said...

Since they ranked KF #1 I assume it was the "quality" of coach they think they are and not what they have accomplished. The Vest has much more hardware then either KF or RR.