Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Michigan Football: New Faces New Places

More is starting to leak out about last Saturday's full scrimmage. Including a couple of good throws by Tate Forcier: Forcier had a pass over the middle to tailback Brandon Minor, a throw on the run to Martavious Odoms and a completed hitch to Odom from the outside. But the defining play was a rollout bomb for a touchdown to Greg Mathews. It was the type of throw Forcier made throughout high school, getting out of the pocket and still showing his trademark accuracy downfield. Vincent Smith #2 also had an impressive run from scrimmage. I also saw a couple of good throws by David Cone. Yes, David Cone. (and no, the David Cone comment was not an April Fools day joke)

Check the video out here on It's under football spring practice 3-28.

  • Seems the "crimedog" is impressing folks at Rice: Even though Sam can’t put on a game jersey until 2010, Coach Bailiff said he wanted to be sure McGuffie felt he was part of the mix, serving him up four carries for 40 yards, including a 30-yard cutback that had fans in the stands oohing and ahhing. BHB Perspective: I can't believe the Rice medical staff is letting Sam take "live" hits after the 3+ concussions he suffered last Fall. I'm not sure Sam McGuffie should be playing football at all. I hope they have run the proper tests on him.

  • 2010 DE Dominique Easley got a Michigan offer on Tuesday. Dominique is from New York and is rated 4 stars by Rivals. Dominique has a nice early offer sheet which includes: BC, Rutgers, Oregon, Penn State, Syracuse, and UConn. DE at DE is 6"3 258 pounds.

  • Remember when I wrote about the Forciers having 3 sons playing QB for major colleges this upcoming Fall? It would be tough to decide which team to visit each weekend, they would have to choose between Stanford, UCLA, and Michigan. Well, that problem is solved. Jason Forcier left Stanford this Winter and now Chris Forcier is transferring from UCLA. Maybe they all can come to Ann Arbor and we could have Forciers in 1,2,3 QB spots?

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