Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UMass will not be Michigan's First Game in the "New" Big House

I'm sure many of your were thinking; "UMass, is going to open the 2010 season when the new Michigan Stadium renovations are finished? WTF?"

The Michigan Athletic department did a Lee Corso today, "Not so fast my friends".

"That's not true -- not even close," Draper said. "We're talking to them, (but) not for that date."

Michigan, he said, intends to make the season opener the "dedication" game for the stadium, which is currently under construction, adding suites and a new press box.

"We're trying to do something special," said Draper, who indicated Michigan is talking to a "couple teams" for that day.

So who would be special? Miami (of Ohio)? Central Michigan: the mentor vs the mentee?

Michigan has 4 non-conference games in 2010 with ND on the road and looks like UMass for one of the home games.

How about West Virgina? I bet that would get some press.

WVU at the Big House = an RR/Beilein buy out payment?

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Mr. W. said...

What a bout Tennesse, Crazy Kiffin vs. RR in a battle of the Teams with a lot of press and no results. Weel hopefully RR will have doen sometingh by sept 2010.