Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wolverine Wednesday: Big Ten Media Day Final Thoughts

  • Troubles for the Feagin family: We all know Justin was thrown off the Michigan Football Team late last week. Now his Uncle (a former Illinois football player) is accused of a very serious crime in Florida. I hope for Justin's sake he can find another University where he can play football and where he can separate himself from the serious trouble his Uncle is in. The article says Brian Kelly at University of Cincinnati was very interested in Justin before he committed to Michigan.

  • Wolverines in the NFL News: Braylon Edwards failed his physical for the Browns and is on the non-football injury list. Most believe it to be an ankle problem. The Lions sign cornerback Will James who used to be William Peterson when he played at Michigan (not sure why he changed his name?), Shawn Crable is on the PUP list for the Patriots starting camp.

  • There are a 100 articles out today stating the obvious: That Michigan wants to erase the taste of last year. Really? Yes, Michigan wants nothing more then the season to began and hopefully the rebuilding to start. In related news: water is wet and fire is hot.

  • Michigan expects to hear from the NCAA about the eligibility of Tate's brother Jason (a former Wolverine QB) in about a week.

  • Denard will only play QB: "He'll do nothing but play quarterback," Rodriguez said. "You move over to another position for any guy, it's going to cause more confusion. If you learn quarterback, you can learn the other ones. We're going to rep him, we're going to rep Nick and rep Tate a lot and see who wins the job."

  • 2010 Commits RB Tony Drake and LB Antonio Kinard are firmly committed to the Wolverines.

  • Stevie Brown at Media days made a few points: Coach Robinson is incredibly meticulous in explaining how he wants things done, they been working on tackling a lot, he has been impressed with freshman corners Turner and Witty, and that the leadership and communication is much better on defense this year.

  • Coach Rod likes the coaches and team chemistry now after he hired Greg Robinson: "I like the balance that we have," Rodriguez said. "Chemistry is so important, not only on the staff but on the team. You can try to manufacture it, but it's something that's there because of the people that you have."I've been coaching I don't know how many years, and I feel as good about our chemistry on our staff now than anyplace I've coached."

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tater said...

Maybe Peterson changed his name so he could google himself without being buried by the CSI star.