Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update on Michigan Early Enrollments and Future Recruits

Ann is reporting that Devin Gardner and Marvin Robinson will not make it on campus this week and will have to wait until this summer before joining the Wolverines.

This now almost guarantees that Devin will redshirt next year, since he won't have the luxury of spring ball. The more troubling situation for the Michigan Defense is the loss of spring ball for Marvin Robinson who plays safety.

  • TomVH from Mgoblog is also reporting that Tony Drake a running back from Texas won't be part of the Michigan's 2010 class due to academic eligibility concerns. Good Luck to Tony in his football career.
  • Sam Webb Michigan recruiting insider and GBW's Senior Editor, also said on the radio that he doesn't expect Adrian Witty to be enrolling early and most likely not making it to Ann Arbor at all.

So to net out the day: Michigan enrolls six 2010 recruits (Hopkins, Miller, Jackson, Robinson, Pace, and White) with two not making it early but still planning on signing with Michigan on February 3rd and losing 2 recruits all together. Let's hope the Michigan staff is busy recruiting the last 4 weeks before signing day.


J. Lichty said...

This now almost guarantees that Devin will redshirt next year, since he won't have the luxury of spring ball.

Denard Robinson did not enroll early and he played a significant amount of snaps. Would enrolling early have helped - YUP, but it does not mean that he will definitely redshirt.

He is a local kid who will no doubt be around for spring practices. From all accounts he is a hard worker and quick learner on the field.

Not saying he will not redshirt, but definitely not a given.

Bob said...

Good point, but I think as Michigan fans we hope that Denard plays the second/running QB next year while Devin learns the offense and puts another year between him and Foricer.

If Tate goes down, Devin will be needed at QB for sure.

tiger said...