Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Top 10 Things Michigan Fans Should do During the NCAA Tournament

Since today the NCAA baseketball tournament is kicking off and Michigan is at home with a losing record after making the tournament in 2009. I thought I would lend a hand to fellow Wolverines needing something to focus on during these next three weeks. So whether your tracking a bracket, betting on games, or just watching for the fun of it. Here are 10 things you can do during the tournament:

10: Start a “Please Stay Manny” Web site
9: Start a “ Please come to Ann Arbor Trey Zeigler” web site
8: Root for West Virgina because with some TPP that could Michigan in a few years. TPP = Time, Patience, and Players. I guess you better put an R in there somewhere as well. R= Recruiting.
7: Have your “I love Zack Novak" tattoo removed. Be glad you didn’t go with Agent 0 like you first wanted.
6: Wonder out loud if David Brandon can turn the Michigan Basketball and Football programs around like he turned around Domino’s Pizza crust.
5: Root for the Big Ten in the tournament. Even though Ohio State and Michigan State are Michigan rivals, there is always revenue sharing!
4: Write an email to Coach Rod asking if Mike Cox really has a 45 inch vertical and can he walk on to the basketball team next year? That has to be good for 70 block shots next year. (is it wrong that I mention Mike's last name and talk about length in the same sentance? Yes, I believe it is.)
3: Stop using the logic that if Turner's shot goes wide against Michigan that U of M would have won the Big Tournament.
2: Make travel plans to Europe to scout any 18 year old that is over 6’10.
1: Sell your Final 4 Tickets in Indy on Ebay that you ordered last year (after Michigan made it to the second round, beat Duke and UCLA in the regular season) and don’t forget to cancel your hotel reservations.

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