Friday, April 9, 2010

Michigan Friday: Mr. Magee and DG goes for 60

Calvin Magee former candidate for the South Florida's head coaching job and current Michigan OC answered some questions yesterday: Here are a few highlights:

QUESTION: How do you think Tate played last year as a true freshman?

Calvin Magee: Like a freshman. He played just like a freshman. He had a lot of stuff going at him every week, a lot of different looks, a lot of different coverage’s. It’s a progression of teaching kids those coverage’s. I thought he played competitive, so that was a good thing, but now he gets time to settle down and really understand more structure of the offense and that’s what he’s doing this spring which is a lot better, so. But he did play like a freshman.

QUESTION: The last year Denard did a lot with the zone option, was that his comfort with the offense and is that something you’ll look at this year?

Calvin Magee: No, Denard is learning the entire offense, so he’s going to run everything we have in the offense. It wasn’t a plan last year with what happened with Denard, that just may have been how it happened.

QUESTION: Talk about Michael Cox’s spring and what he’s done well and what he (indiscernible)?

Calvin Magee: Mike is a powerful guy. Mike is a guy we went into spring saying we got to get him going because he’s a very talented guy. Last year I think those guys had the mind set that those seniors were right there, some of these kids get the mindset that it’s not my turn. We try to get them to understand it is your turn if you compete for it and get the job. But now he knows, those seniors are gone and we know we need him to get ready to play because he’s a big physical, talented young man, he really is. And he’s been getting better each day through spring, so that’s been exciting to watch.

QUESTION: You mentioned the red-shirt freshman lineman, can you just expand on the battle that’s going on there?

Calvin Magee: Yeah, Taylor Lewan and Schofield, we saw the talent last year on scout team and it was going to be fun to watch them compete in our offense and things like that, but for freshman, they’re mature but they’ve got a lot to learn. But they’re competitive. It’s just been fun to have that competition there with last year the injuries, just to have more people there it’s been fun for us. Quinton Washington was doing really well but then he got banged up so it’ll be fun when we get him back also.

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This is not the first team defense, but it looks good anyway...........

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egami said...

Good run, but I see a lot of out of position defenders...that isn't good.