Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michigan Thursday: 2011 Recruiting Class Size

In 2010 Michigan signed 27th players to scholarship LOI.  Michigan hopes all 27 make it to campus this Summer or Fall.  The rumor mill says 2 players are borderline, so we will see. 

In the class of 2011 Michigan is expecting to sign a much smaller class.  The numbers are expected to be in the neighborhood of 15-17 kids.  Michigan has 4 verbal commitments so far for the 2011 class: 2 DB's, 1 DE, and 1 WR.  We know the focus on a majority of the spots will be to increase the depth numbers on defense. 

Here is what I expect the remaining, let's say 12 final spots could look like:

  • 1 QB - Many might question this strategy.  Why take another QB when you have 2 Freshman (both may redshirt) and 2 Sophomores on the roster?  QB is one spot that you probably need to take every year.  Michigan probably doesn't need a 5 star guy but a solid 4 star QB would be a welcomed addition to this class.
  • 1 TE - RR never really used TE's at WVU but has really found a nice place in his offense for them.  This isn't a huge need, but Michigan is looking to get a talented TE in this class.
  • 3 OL - Michigan took 1 offensive lineman in the 2010 class with a pretty strong offensive line class in 2009.  Michigan has 3 redshirt seniors on offensive line in 2010.  Michigan looks to have built some nice depth on the line in 2010 but needs to continue that process moving forward.  
  • 3 WR:  RR likes his WR's and even though he took 4 in 2010 he continues to recruit that position hard in 2011.  He has one verbal and a number of offers out.  Some of the leaders to fill those remaining spots are : AJ Jordan, DeAnthony Arnett and Sammy Watkins. 
  • 3 CB's:  Michigan has two in the fold already with 4 coming in (1 remains borderline academically) this summer.  CB's currenly has serious depth issues with the loss of Warren to the NFL.  So expect a young guy to play often this year (most likely Christian and/or Dorsey)  
  • 1 Safety:  This is one of those positions where you can take CB's that don't have the speed or have added weight with Barwis into a safety spot.  Getting 1 true safetywould be good in this class.
  • 1 DE: Michigan has 4 DE's that are either true or redshirt freshman, so this spot maybe full for 2011.  I could see Michigan maybe taking one more.  (this is another spot where you can take a LB and ask them to pay with their hand down)
  • 2 LB's:  This position continues to need depth and IMO Michigan needs a true middle linebacker.  
  • 2 DT's : Michigan needs big run stoppers on the defensive line.   They lose 2 seniors and Mike Martin is a Junior.  They have 2 coming in as freshman.
  • 1 RB:  Demetrius Hart this spot is yours! There are 3 guys on the roster that are true or redshirt freshman and 2 sophomores.  
Hey BHB, I'm not a math whiz but you said there was 12 -13 spots left and your numbers add up to 18! What gives?

So now you can see the problems with this class.  Michigan might have a few more spots open up due to guys not making it in from the 2010 class, guys not getting a 5th year, or transfers, etc.   Michigan I'm sure would like to take two RB's in this class, they might also only be able to take 2 WR's (next one in might lock down the class for that spot).   They need big guys on both lines and linebacker continues to be a weakness until some guys step up at that position.   

Another big question mark remains the depth at DB.  If your looking to cut some numbers DB's and OL are your two spots.  OL is the bigger need.  They could also take walk-on TE if they don't get one of their targeted guys. 

What's interesting is Michigan has a small class with only 4 spots filled.  OSU has a bigger ceiling this year and has 11 spots already filled.    If players want to be Blue, they better consider committing early because if they wait they might lose their spot.

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