Saturday, October 30, 2010

This Defense is a Nightmare

I'm at a loss for words when it comes to this defense.  I didn't think this defense could get any worse after the bye week, but it has.  Mike Martin is clearly the only player on Michigan's defense and when he is out, so are the Wolverines. 

I am done with excuses and whatever we have been saying that gives us reasons for hope for this defense.  It's terrible and yes this is a replay of 2009.  Michigan might have one more win on the schedule and that's Purdue, but guess what?  Purdue has a decent defensive line.  Illinois is a well balanced team and will do the exact same thing to Michigan that MSU, Iowa, and now Penn State has done.

Penn State's offense is not good, they are one dimensional with a walk-on first time starter picking them apart.  The Michigan defense was not prepared to stop the run or the short passing game.   Can someone please explain to me how Michigan could not pressure this kid at all?  What kind of strategy is that?  I've been willing to give Greg Robinson the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this defense.  I no longer feel that way and believe he should be fired and maybe fired this week.  

The Michigan defense could not stop this weak offense and Rich Rodriguez is 4-16 in the Big Ten since he has gotten to Ann Arbor.  This game was an embarrassment to the Michigan Program.  Penn State is a terrible offensive team and they beat Michigan by running basic running plays and screens.  If the Michigan defense can't stop that they can't stop any offense.  

I know the call for a late hit on the kickoff was a bad call but that is not the reason Michigan lost.  The reason Michigan lost is because they have one of the worst defenses in D1.  One of the worst defenses in Michigan history.  I don't want to hear about youth anymore, Michigan should be able to put 11 true freshman on the field and play better then this unit.  Enough F'ing excuses! 

RR now has to get a huge upset to keep his job IMO.  That means a win over Wisconsin or Ohio State.   I also believe that Illinois looks like a loss right now and Purdue should be a win, but at this point, who the hell knows. 

What a terrible game which out shadowed a wonderful performance by Denard.  The offense is doing their job and the defense clearly isn't.   BTW: The call on the first drive to go under center in the I for the 3rd and 1 was a terrible call.  All that does is bring more defenders into the box.  I thought RR clearly understood they can't give away possessions and I thought he did exactly that to start the game. 

The Michigan offense didn't turn the ball over and the defense got what 2 stops all night?  That makes me sick!
Want to know the difference between Michigan and Auburn or Oregon?  Some Defensive Stops!  Neither one of those teams has a strong defense but they get some stops.

I'm tired and that's enough ranting for tonight. 


michiganmichael said...

Dam, I was going to go on a rant, but you said it all.

Brian S Hall said...

We needed you bloggers to get with reality for so long now. I *still* hear people talking about how if not for the defense, if not for GR, that Michigan would be a contender.
Three years into RR's reign and we're *hoping* to beat a decimated Purdue team so the program can get an invite to the Rayovac bowl.
And next year? Same DC? New DC? Won't matter. Year 4 into RR and we'll be middle of the Big 10 pack at best.

You said what needed to be said. Michigan is too good, too great, too proud for this. RR was a bold experiment -- even if unintended -- that utterly failed. The sooner we start over, the sooner we can return to glory.

As always. Go blue!

alan said...


Ricky said...

This is embarrassing. I never thought there would come a time when the Michigan Wolverines can only "hope" to beat a sh**y purdue team.

I'm out.

alan said...

Joe Lee Dunn runs a great 3-3-5. i would love to see Ron English back if things don't work at EMU. Anybody besides our DC COACH PISS POOR.

Do your research on Joe Lee Dunn. Joe Lee Dunn, Wolverines next DC. We wil be back in dominance one again if COACH PISS POOR is fired and Joe Lee Dunn comes to the MIGHT WOLVERINES

Voice of Reason said...

[My Rant of the Day]

All of the football pundants are saying pretty much the same thing, Michigan's defense has no talent. Vince Lombardi couldn't win with this defense. We are forced to look at what we have here, G. Banks, A. Patterson, C. Gordon, T. Gordon, J. Kovacks, J. Rodgers, R. Sagesse, O. Ezeh, [stop me at any time] S. Watson, JV Slyke, M. Williams, etc., etc., you get my point.

There's not a lot on this defense to scare anyone. I'm sure they are nice guys and all that but you're not going to contend for the Big Ten title with the likes of this group. These guys couldn't stop D2
UMass when they came here, how are we going to expect them to stop a BT team. They are not D1 talent. They have struggled against everybody. They haven't stopped anybody. Are you kidding me, these games look like high school basketball scores. And the kicker is that it's not going to get better any time soon. You need to develop your players on defense, and a quick fix won't work here and RR may not have the time.

Then five star Big Will Campbell doesn't see the field and now he's on offense in a trade for QW who has never played defense. Until Michigan gets some horses on defense, they are going to get "B-slapped" all over the field, this season, next season, and so forth. And it doesn't matter who the DC is. Albeit Coach G Robinson hasn't helped his own case with how he's run the defense either. Truth is, Coach Rod should have made the defense a priority when he got here but he didn't. Now he may lose his job because of it. You win with defense, and Michigan hasn't got any.

Then when you consider the Special Teams... how can you go into your third season without a solid place kicker? Wats-Amatta U, has got a solid place kicker. Chittlin Switch State has got one too, but we don't.

Then you have two weeks to prepare for PSU and your team plays like they haven't got a clue!!!??? Look, I respect Coach Rod but he's starting to look more like an offensive coordinator than a head coach.

VoA said...

You said it all, Bro, except I don't agree that the offense is without guilt. Our running backs could barely get to the line of scrimmage most of the time.

What's with that? Is it the play-calling? Is it the o-line? Is it inexperience? Or is it that they just all suck big time?

If you want to talk tradition, Michigan has been known to have some pretty good running backs in the past.

I'm having serious doubts about RR, especially his ability to motivate and demand excellence. Freshman all over the country are playing at a higher level than our freshman, so that's not an excuse that I want to hear much longer. Step up or step aside.

Bob said...

There is only ONE name out there that will galvanize M Nation......JIM HARBAUGH!!!!! PLEASE MR. BRANDON....if it is AT ALL possible, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..... do WHATEVER it takes to get him. He's not going to perform short term miracles, but he WILL get Michigan Football back to national relevance, and EVERYONE......INCLUDING our competition.....KNOWS IT!!!!!

Brian S Hall said...

What I've been saying all along...
Michigan has one of the best OCs in the country. But he's no head coach.
Sooner we bring this failed experiment to a halt, sooner we can begin the transition.

alan said...

love to see the HARBAGH era enter at MICHIGAN, but he will be headed to the NEXT LEVEL(NFL).

if his heart was with the wolverines he would've never made that comment about us lowering our standards to bring in players.

alexman07 said...

Harbaugh is definitely on the short list of candidates and I think he'd think long and hard before choosing the NFL over M.

GRob is definitely gone after this year either way. RR is on very thin ice at this point, but I think that Brandon will have a tough decision to make unless we lose all 4 games (or win all 4). HC transitions are killer and I don't know if Brandon is ready to mail it in with Rodriguez yet.

However getting a new DC does inspire some confidence. If we can get a complete overhaul like Illinois did, maybe we can bring in a defensive staff that can turn this ship around quicker than most of us can imagine.

There's rumors about Gary Moeller returning to the Michigan coaching staff as a position coach. If this is indeed true I think it's a bold but good move. If true, welcome back coach and stay out of the bar please :)

Bob said...

Would you really let pride keep one of the 3 best college coaches from returning to the team he literally grew up with, his alma mater, because of an off the wall comment (that was/is the truth), when he is the only coach out there that can and will INSTANTLY UNIFY Wolverine nation? Have reviewed at what he's doing with the 1-11 Stanford team he took over (the year b4 BM hired RR)??? Have you looked at Rivals or Scouts recruiting rankings and witnesses what he's doing at a program with equally as tough admission standards as UofM's?? Did you hear Mark Dantonio warn UofM that "pride comes b4 a fall"?