Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michigan Tuesday: Welcomes MSU to the Reality of Roses

If you live in Ohio, you hate the State of Michigan even if your not a sports fan.   That's just the culture in the Buckeye State.  Some people won't even do business in Michigan because it's Michigan.   Which is a pretty narrow view of reality, mostly when it potentially could be costing you and your family a better living. 

Michigan State's Program is just the opposite.  The best analogy I give for the Spartans is a golfing one.  I am sure many of you have heard the term "sandbagger".  If you haven't, in golf it means a player that "inflates" his scores so his handicap is higher then it should be.  So for example, a 15 handicap might really be a 7 handicap golfer.  Meaning he gets 8 shots in a match that he shouldn't.

If you play golf, there are also guys who are just the opposite.  Guys, who are really 15 but cut a few shots off each round and end up being a 7 just so they can brag they have a single digit handicap, even though they lose every time they play another good player.  They just blame it on playing bad, the weather, or whatever excuse they can come up with.   This guy is the Michigan State Football Program. 

Michigan State opened up their Spring Practice yesterday and Mark Dantonio did his regular "Spring" press conference.  "Now we begin to prepare for the Rose Bowl," Dantonio said Monday. "That's where we're at. I think the foundation has been laid. We've had enough success to go into every game thinking we're going to win, or at least these are the things we have to do to be able to win."

(from the Detroit News - Is it me or did Dantonio give his press conference from a TV tray?)  

Really?  Didn't MSU (similar to Michigan as well) get embarrassed by an SEC opponent earlier this year?  Wasn't the score 49-7?  I think setting goals is good and the Rose Bowl goal is probably where the bar should be set for the Spartans every spring but going Rex Ryan in March is going a bit too far.

Mostly when MSU has had a number of off field issues effecting the program including:

  • Potential violations and suspension of an MSU Booster Club.
  • The reinstatement of Dion Sims who pleaded guilty in September to receiving and concealing stolen property.
  • The February arrests of TE Brian Linthicum and linebacker Max Bullough, who both will miss the first two days of spring practice.  Yes, two days.
This is why I love Michigan State.  Like Mike Hart coined years ago, they are the "little brother" that loves to talk and sometimes put together a couple of wins on the golf course, basketball game in front of the house, or even 3 instate wins in a row.  The problem is they just can't get out of their way when it comes to getting in trouble and talking smack after Alabama used them as their scout team.   Yes, MSU you had an 11 win season (didn't play OSU) and played decent football at times, but go take care of your business off the field and fix the problems on before you start talking about Roses of any color.

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Anonymous said...

All good points, Bob. But as I reminded my spartan alum, brother, "you know had Tressel had just one more Big Ten loss with those rule breaking players he played, you would have been in the Rose Bowl with TCU"