Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Ten Preview Week 5

Boy what a week makes.  Last week was full of terrible games, with the highlights being OSU vs Colorado and Michigan vs SDSU.   The Big Ten even lost a couple of head scratches to North Texas and North Dakota State.  It seems you don't want to play any team with the word "North" in it.  So don't look for a match up between U of M and Northern Michigan anytime soon. 

This week is Week #1 for Big Ten play in 2011, Week #1 for Nebraska in conference and Week #1 for the new divisions.   Is it me or has anyone really grasped the divisions yet?  Are we supposed to want OSU to beat MSU because the Spartans are in our division?  Can't they just both lose?

Let's get to the games!

Big Ten Games of the Week:

#1: Nebraska at Wisconsin:  Two top 10 teams going at it.  I guess you could call this a Red Out game.   What a perfect showcase for the Big Ten on Prime time.  It has the feeling of an SEC match-up (like LSU vs Bama).   Let's hope they both play well and show the SEC, PAC 12 and others that the Big Ten isn't over rated.   Wisconsin is a 9.5 favorite?  Really?  Wisconsin 21 Nebraska 14  (since Wisconsin is in the other division, Michigan fans want a Badgers win)

#2: MSU at OSU:  Both teams have losses already but both are contenders for the Big Ten title.  OSU is feeling the pain of having a freshman QB , new coach and kids still on punishment.   Isn't that was MSU usually has problems with?  The Spartans are struggling with injury issues on the offensive line.  This game could be ugly with two solid defenses and holes on offense.  I think the key is a senior QB for MSU vs.a true freshman for Ohio.    OSU if favored by a field goal.   MSU 24 OSU 17  (Michigan fans want a OSU win since MSU is in our division)

The rest of the games ( a small cheer for conference play and not having to do this for 12 games! :)

Notre Dame at Purdue:  The Big House Blog would like to welcome ND to the Big 10.   Right now they are 1-1 in conference and playing Purdue this weekend.   Anyone want to bet that on Saturday night is when we start hearing that ND is back?  After they crush the Boilermakers and go on to beat some Service Academies the next few weeks?  ND is -11.5   Notre Dame 42  Purdue 14  (Michigan fans always wants to see ND lose, even if it's to Danny Hopeless)

Penn State at Indiana:  Is this game being played in Bloomington?  Not Philly or DC?    JoPa if favored by 15.5.   PSU 38 IU 6  (Michigan fans really don't care)

Northwestern at Illinois:  This is my sleeper game of the week.  Illinois didn't look very good in a close win last week and The Wildcats had a bye week after getting run over by Army.   Zook is favored by 8.5,   Look for the "North" bug to bite the Zookies:  Northwestern 28 Ill. 24  (Northwestern is in Michigan's division so I guess we want Zook to win - are these two schools located in the same state but separate divisions?  That makes sense)

Iowa: off

6 games is Nice!  The Little Brown Jug preview on Friday.

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