Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michigan Thursday: Rather Wrestle then Play D1 Ball

Situation:  IU running back Darius Wills is out for the year with a knee injury.  Sounds like it's serious and his playing days are over.  He is still on scholarship and enrolled at IU.  The football program was trying to get a medical hardship from the NCAA so he could stay in school but wouldn't be able to play football any longer. 

Saturday Night:  IU is losing to North Texas at North Texas.   Many are confused if North Texas has a football program, because it sounds like one of those made for TV or Movie programs. 

Saturday Night in Bloomington:  Darius Wills enters the ring in a pro wrestling tag team match up. 

When Michigan has injury issues they usually lose guys to the MAC schools or Pitt.  Never to professional wrestling.  This story couldn't be any better.   I am sure new coach Kevin Wilson is loving his gig right now.  Losing to North Texas and having one of his players in the squared circle on the same night.   Got to love it!  I'm sure Gunner Kiel (top 2012 QB prospect) just loves this type of attention for his program.

  •   Word is Mitch McGardy (5 star Center in the 2012 class) is planning to announce his decision next month.  The Wolverine coaches have had the full court press on him this week with a coaches visit and maybe a trip to his parents house as well.

  • QB Marqueis Gray is questionale for the game on Saturday.

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