Thursday, September 22, 2011

Michigan Thursday: Thinks Kyle Turley has a Big Mouth

Everyone pretty much supported Brady Hoke's decision to take the Michigan job.  Why not, he went from making $700K a year to $2M and Michigan was clearly his dream job.    Win - win, right?

Ex-NFL player Kyle Turley doesn't think so, he has been very critical of Brady leaving his San Diego State program for Ann Arbor.  Of course, he continues to have that stance and opened his mouth again this week:

“I don’t care if it’s your dream job,” said Turley, who played in the NFL from 1998 to 2007. “If you’re worth your salt as a head coach, eventually you’ll get that same job. You don’t have to screw people over to get it.”

Turley said he thinks Hoke’s departure from SDSU was like a parent “running out on the family” or an “ex-wife” who one day leaves the house and doesn’t say why “until you hear from her lawyer the next day.”

So I guess Kyle would have stayed with an NFL team that was paying him a low salary instead of another team that would have paid him double that amount.  When that other team was the team he grew up cheering for.  I wouldn't recommend any of us make any business investments with Kyle in the near future.  

Here is Brady response (freep link):

“He’s a really good guy, he’s really passionate about San Diego State, and I had reached out to him early when I had taken the job there because I loved the way he played football,” Hoke said. “When you look at him as an offensive lineman, how he would finish and all those things. Kyle is passionate about his alma mater, which he should be. That doesn’t bother me one bit. He was passionate about the Aztecs when we were, and he’s still passionate. That doesn’t bother me.”It’s simply part of the excitement of college football.

“That’s a guy who’s passionate about his school,” Hoke said. “Everyone’s got an opinion, and he’s allowed to have his.”

Kyle of course hopes Brady eats crow this weekend as SDSU beats the Wolverines.  Kyle, be happy you have Steve Fisher and support your team in a positive way.  Stay Classy Big Guy!

  • Happy Birthday Denard!

  • Danny O'Brien is planning on announcing his college of choice on 10/6.  The rumor mill is saying Michigan or Tennessee.  I think he is Blue (close to home, been at Michigan more then any program, Michigan coaches are all about the Dline, best friend Matt Godin already heading to A2)

  • Braxton Miller will start for Ohio this weekend against Colorado.

  • Minnesota game is a noon kick on BTN (3 weeks in a row on BTN has to be a record for the Wolverines)

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