Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Ten Preview Week 7

Wisconsin and Michigan State took Week 6 off, Michigan and Nebraska had come back wins and Illinois keeps beating non-ranked teams.  This will be the first year in a long time that OSU is not part of the Big Ten Title race.  I hope the Vest is enjoying his retirement his suspension from his NFL audio - visual job.   "Tressel, we need tape of the Texan's game last week! and get me a cup of coffee!"

Big Ten Game of the Week (that's not in East Lansing):

OSU at Illinois:  I don't know what to make of Illinois.  On one hand Zook seems to be building a talented young team on the other, I remember the game in Ann Arbor last year where neither defense could stop the other.  Illinois gets another team not ranked in the top 25 this week but it's the Buckeyes. 

We all know that the Buckeyes struggle moving the ball on offense but they did find a spark with the true freshman under center.   Either way this a must win for both teams.  The Buckeyes host Wisconsin next week and Illinois needs to beat a big boy on the block.   Zook is favored by just over a field goal -3.5.   OSU 17 Illinois 7

The Rest of the Games

Indiana at Wisconsin:  The line tells you everything you need to know about this game.  Wisconsin -40.  Yes, Forty!   Wisconsin 44 IU 7

Purdue at Penn State:  I guess in John Bacon's book, Rich Rod calls Danny Hope a "Junior High - No Class A-Hole" after that whole "you got my player suspended" thing a few years ago.  You might be wondering why I included that?  Really, no reason then I thought it was funny and this game is really boring.   Penn State is -12.  Penn State 28 Purdue 10

Northwestern at Iowa:  Both teams lost winnable games last week.  Iowa lost at Penn State and Northwestern gave up a 10 point lead at home to the Wolverines.  Both teams are sort of stuck in the middle of the Big Ten but have a  litle bit of talent.   Iowa likes to run the ball and play good defense.  Northwestern prefers to spread you out and then out score you.   It seems Northwestern has a lock at the 7:00 BTN spot.   Iowa is a 6.5 favorite.  I think NW pulls the upset.  NW 24 Iowa 14

Nebraska and Minnesota have bye weeks. 

Michigan at MSU will be previewed on Friday morning.

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