Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Ten Preview Week 9

The Big Ten has a couple of high profile games this weekend with Wisconsin at OSU and MSU at Nebraska.  MSU's hail mary probably will keep the Badgers out of the NC game and MSU is hoping that wins over OSU, Michigan and Wisconsin will lead them to a victory over Big Ten newcomer Nebraska. 

Big Ten Game of the Week:

MSU at Nebraska:  Both teams try to play good defense and have looked both great and terrible at times on offense.   When MSU has struggled this year it has been on the road with a head scratching loss to Notre Dame and a low scoring win in Columbus.  Nebraska on the other hand look pretty bad in Madison but did rebound in the second half and just got by the Buckeyes.   

MSU has the better defense when they are not making stupid penalties and have a senior QB that likes to play in big games.  Nebraska is much better at home then on the road and has been getting ready for the Spartans since they beat OSU weeks ago.  If this game was played on a neutral field, I think MSU would be a 7+ point favorite but for this game Vegas has them as a 4 point underdog.  

If MSU plays clean, I think they win this game easy but lets face it, the Spartans always does something that keeps the game close.   (MSU was just inches away from losing the game on Saturday night when he fumbled on the last drive).  I think Nebraska sneaks this game out since MSU thinks they have an easy road to the Indy.  Nebraska 28 MSU 24

Other Games

Wisconsin at OSU:  Wisconsin is mad they lost on a hail mary last week and OSU is mad they have 3 losses this year already.   OSU did play better before their bye week and is hoping to continue to run the ball effectively.   OSU won't be able to be one dimensional against Wisconsin and will have to find a passing game somewhere.   Wisconsin is a 7.5 favorite, if OSU has a chance they will need to score on defense and special teams more then once.   Wisconsin 27 OSU 14

Northwestern at IU:  Northwestern continues to play well on offense but has a defense that just won't hold up for 60 minutes.  Neither team has a Big Ten win yet.   NW is favored by -9 points and is really a much better team then their record.   Northwestern 41 IU 28

Iowa at Minnesota:  Iowa is really quiet this year and seems to be getting better each week.  Minnesota on the other hand, played their best game in week 1 and has been awful ever since.   Iowa is only a 15 point favorite.   Iowa 38 Minn 14

Illinois at Penn State:  These teams are a mystery to me.  Illinois has done it's regular October fall back after a good September.  Penn State has looked pretty bad most weeks (they scored 16 points against IU) but continues to win, with only a loss to Alabama on their record.   I have been wondering when Penn State's Big Ten schedule gets tough.  The answer is the next 3 weeks with Nebraska, OSU and Wisconsin.  PSU is favored by 5.5 points.   Zook 17 JoPa 14

The Big Ten has spaced out their TV games on Saturday with MSU/Neb at noon and Wisconsin/OSU at 8:00.  I will preview Michigan's homecoming game on Friday morning.

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