Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you want to know what makes me more upset then a terrible 4th and 1 call?

You know I have been pimping the book 3 and Out by John Bacon.  He was asked a number of questions from the readers of Mgoblog and is responding to them in a series of posts on the top Michigan Blog. 

Here is an excerpt from one of those posts which makes my blood boil: 

The Rodriguez reign was fatally damaged by two main causes: the harm done by detractors inside and outside the program, and his own missed opportunities – from PR problems to those seven lost match points in 2009 and 2010, any one of which would probably have been enough to deliver him to a new era when he could focus more on football than survival. In particularly, I believe the 2009 game against Illinois, which blew up when Michigan failed to score on a first and goal from the one-yard line, marked the Continental Divide of the Rodriguez Era.

So, it’s not true that Rodriguez had no chance. He had seven. It is true, however, that his chances were greatly diminished by detractors inside and outside the program.

Assigning blame essentially boils down to weighing the factors above. But on one crucial point – really, the most important of all – there is absolutely no shade of gray whatsoever. Rodriguez, his staff, and his players (after the 2008 team graduated) worked extraordinarily hard to win every game.

Some powerful insiders, however, were working just as hard to see them fail. That is not a matter of degree. It’s a clear-cut, black-and-white difference – something I have never seen in all my years researching Michigan’s long and admirable history. But the people who suffered the most were the least to blame: the players.

Let me understand this;  you use your power, influence and money to help destroy the program that you love?  You actively work to hurt that program because you don't agree on the hire of the head coach?

Let me be 100% clear:   You love and support this program un-conditionally a 110%  or you can get the Hell OUT!   I am not saying you have to agree with everything that happens in the program, I sure haven't.   Everyone has the right to their own opinion, what I'm talking about is different. 

I don't care if you were a coach for Michigan, attended Michigan, played for Michigan or lived in Ann Arbor your entire life.  If you proactively try to hurt the program for any reason, you need to get the Hell Out and should never be welcomed back to Schembechler Hall ever!  

Congratulations Insiders!  Your plan worked, RR is gone and so is his staff.   It only cost us, 3 seasons and the hard work of 100 young men where their only reward was a butt whipping in Jacksonville.   As John points out above, the people that were really hurt in this process were the players.

I am happy where the program is headed but I don't think we needed to ruin lives to get here, I really don't.  If Bo was alive he would never have let this happen, never!


expedition1958 said...

Look at the list of people in the program that David Brandon fired of let "retire" and there might be some of the rats.

uncle ron said...

Bob, I commend you on your posting!!!
I read that very same thing yesterday, and got just as hot as you did. Bennidict Arnold could not have had a better plan than did all the insiders at Bo's Hall, and they call themselves Michigan Men...BULLSHIT!!
How does one get satisfaction from ruining people's lives, do they really think they are all above God Almighty himself that they can do something like that.
I agree, Like or Dislike RR, no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to do what they did. It's just a huge misuse of power.
Someday their lives will get turned around, as they have done to others and who will be there to help them, NOBODY!!! just as they will deserve.

Mick said...

Hello Bob.
This is my 1st time posting on here, I felt compelled to do so. As I was reading your take on this whole matter, I think maybe his lack of winning got him fired more than anything else.

I agree that Whoever those people are/were, that is shameful what they did, not cool and selfish to forsake the program like that.

To me, having our non-losing season streak and our Bowl Streak both broken just like that, well that didn't sit too well with me.

The guy just came in and wasn't patient enough to allow a smoother transition with the type of players he had/needed to convert styles, never ran an adept Defense, to say the least, regressing in recruiting from a big picture standpoint and so many other things that I could list that got him fired more than anything else, again.

Whoever these people were that did what they did, it wouldn't had mattered if he had won and when we lost, not get our butt whooped. The guy just seemed in over his head and I blame Bill Martin for not doing his most important job as an AD at U-M, Just sayin' my man.