Friday, October 7, 2011

Michigan Friday: Talks Some Recruiting

  • Danny O announced his decision to play for the Vols yesterday.  That was not a surprise because it seems the Michigan staff wants to focus on other positions for the last few spots left in this class.  I would have liked to have seen Danny in Ann Arbor but I will trust the coaches plan.

  • Jordan Payton Update:  He is a new Army All American and told TV reporters he is planning to announce his decision in two weeks after his trip to ND with his teammates.  If you remember, he was considering canceling that trip.  There is also a rumor floating around that Michigan has a silent commit on the offensive side of the ball.   Those seem like good signs. 

  • Sam Web hinted yesterday that if Aaron Burbridge gets his grades in order that Michigan might come calling again and there might be some interest from Aaron.  AB is committed to MSU right now. 

  • Sam also gave us his final 4 guys he thinks will be in the class:  Wright, Dunn, Payton and Darboh.   I will take those 4 all day!

  • Speaking of Yuri Wright, he is planning his official visit to Ann Arbor for THE GAME - Michigan vs Ohio

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