Monday, October 24, 2011

Michigan Monday: Shades of Gray

Ok, lets first touch on what happened in East Lansing on Saturday.  I have to give Sparty some credit, they beat Wisconsin on Hail Mary play.  It seems the Spartans love ESPN's College GameDay and night games.  As far as the call after the replay, I thought it could of gone either way.   My first thought was that they weren't going to overturn it because it was so close and he was backing in.   After seeing the line on ESPN after the game it looked like it was the right call.  (I wish that replay ref was doing the Michigan - Illinois game 2 years ago, where it looked like Michigan scored 3 out of 4 times on the goal line).

Looks like the Big Ten won't have a team contending for the NC this year after the Wisconsin's loss.  The Wisconsin loss also pretty much kills Michigan's shot at making it to Indy this year for the Big Ten Championship game. 

  • Zook and Illinois did have a hang over from the OSU game and lost at Purdue.  The Boilermakers now come to Ann Arbor this week with some new found confidence.  Right now Michigan is favored by two touchdowns.

  • The Michigan coaches spent the bye week traveling to see kids they have been recruiting.  One of the coaches stopped by and saw grayshirt verbal Jeremy Clark.  The Michigan coach was so impressed what he saw, they took the gray shirt off and asked JC to join the 2012 class.   The word is Jeremy has had a great senior year and this is wonderful news for him and his family.  your next question might be: "Where are they going to find the room?"  There is a rumor that true freshman (who enrolled early) Greg Brown is thinking about transferring.   Greg played well in the Spring Game but we haven't seen him on the field at all this year.  The mill says he is going to Cincinnati. Update: No longer a rumor, Greg has left the team.   Blake Countess passing him on the depth chart probably didn't help this situation.

  • The rumor mills is saying that Jordan Payton had a really good time at ND this weekend.  He might be re-thinking his press conference for Tuesday's announcement.   Cancelling would not be a good sign for the Wolverines.   Other recruits that visited ND this weekend include: Diamond, Kiel, Banner, Marshall and Armstead.   It amazes me how well ND keeps recruiting after all the years of disappointing losses and seasons, including the one on Saturday.

  • Michigan is #17 in both polls.

  • 2012 LB recruit from Ohio Kaleb Ringer has a sprained MCL and will sit out the rest of the year and is planning to enroll in January. 

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