Monday, October 3, 2011

Michigan Monday: What Did We Learn This Weekend in the Big Ten?

We learned Minnesota isn't very good and that Big Al still has a few tricks up his sleeve.  Here are some of my random thoughts on the Big Ten from this weekend:

  • Wisconsin is good, real good.  They should book their hotel reservations for Indy right now.
  • It seems you want to pass against Nebraska and hope they forget to run
  • Ohio State has some serious issues on Offense.  If they don't figure some things out they might be looking at no bowl game this year.
  • MSU Offensive Coordinator is having some serious issues.  He called a terrible ND game a few weeks ago and the same could be said for Saturday's game against OSU. 
  • Kirk Cousins is having a pretty poor senior year.   MSU should have been up by 21 points against OSU
  • There is something about playing a bad Indiana team to start the Big Ten campaign that is not easy. JoPa and PSU all most got upset this weekend.
  • Northwestern is better with Persa but it seems he isn't a 100% yet
  • Not sure if we have figured out Illinois yet, they seem to get down big but win in the end.   Could be a tough trip for the Wolverines in November.
  • I am happy that the Wolverines are #11 and #12 in the polls but that seems to me too much of a reaction to the big margin on Saturday.
  • MSU can play some defense
  • OSU will need to score on defense if they are going to win games
  • Every game left on Michigan's schedule is winnable for the Wolverines.

Ranking the Big Ten Teams:

#1: Wisconsin - Duh
#2: Nebraska - I still think they can play and got caught up in a buzz saw on Saturday night. 
#3: Michigan -  Welcome back Wolverines
#4: MSU - #1 Total Defense in college football
#5: Illinois - still not sold but they are winning games
#6: Penn State -  Need better QB play
#7: Iowa - one bad loss to Iowa State
#8: Ohio State - Good D - No O
#9: Northwestern - should have beat Illinois, Need a healthy Persa
#10: Purdue - Bad ACL karma
#11: Indiana - Almost beat JoPa
#12: Minnesota - 52-0


Voice of Reason said...

I think the media as well as the Big Ten conference wants to see a solid and healthy (if not dominant) Michigan team. It's good for business, especially better if both UM and OSU are up and the same time. Now that Michigan is on its way up, OSU is struggling (not good for business), so they will use every opportunity to promote what they can, when they can. Nebraska being "wacked" by Wisconsin didn't help business so to speak. Close games between two powerhouses, always good for the tv and marketing business.

Bob said...

I agree, I bet the Big Ten office was very happy how the Neb/Wisc game started, not so happy after halftime.

More news today about the suspended players at OSU. Looks like they are not available for this weeks game. Posey might be done for the year.