Sunday, October 2, 2011

Minnesota Review: Check the Box

If I were the Michigan coaches, I would of had a check list for the Minnesota game similar to this:

  1. Give Denard some short throws to work on his accuracy  -  Check
  2. Get Devin some meaningful snaps - Check
  3. Have a RB go over 100 yards - Check
  4. Limit Denard's carries - Check
  5. Open up the offensive play book - Check
  6. Hold Minnesota to under 10 points - Check
  7. Keep the Little Brown Jug - Check
Yesterday was about as "text book" as a football game gets for the Michigan Wolverines.   Sure, Minnesota is a pretty poor team right now, but it seems every offense has moved the ball on the Michigan defense the last 3 years.   Not on Saturday as Greg Mattison's crew pitched a shut out. 

The offense showed some "creativity" as well, with a wishbone formation with Devin under center and Denard and Vincent Smith in the backfield.   The game was everything we were looking for from the Wolverines.  It was over early and the defense didn't let down in the second half. 

The real test starts next week for the Wolverines as they will play away from their own beds and the comfort of the Big House as they travel to outside of Chicago to face Northwestern which lost a close game to Illinois yesterday.   Northwestern's All Big Ten QB Dan Persa was back for the Wildcats but did leave the game in the 4th quarter as his foot was experiencing some pain.  He said after the game that he expects to play on Saturday Night (7:00 Kick) against the Wolverines. 

Cheers and Jeers



I know! lets do a quick review: Gibbons hit all his field goals, Hopkins carried the ball with out fumbling, the Michigan D didn't need Woolfolk (there was some reports he was limping), the Michigan D pitched a shut out, we saw some creative plays on offense, we even saw some Mike Shaw and Thomas Rawls (which should pretty much guarantee he now can't red shirt) at running back.

If I had to nit pick:  Where is Roy Roundtree?  He was targeted once and dropped the ball. 

I hope this game gives the Wolverines the confidence they need for the their two game road trip against the Wildcats and the Spartans.

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Chris said...

I hate OSU but their Offense will be much better once they get their suspended players back. Michigan is way over rated i still think thye will lose at least 3-4 games this year but watch out for them next year.