Sunday, October 30, 2011

Purdue Post Game

The Race to Indy Continues

This is Michigan Football, boring wins over mediocre opponents.   Seem harsh?  Not after the last 3 years.  Many Michigan fans went into Saturday's homecoming match-up with two thoughts:
  1. This should be an easy win and we should be looking at our next two games on the road.
  2. I sure hope they don't have a hang over from the MSU loss like the last 2 years.
When the game started the "whole hang over" theory was alive and well.   Purdue took the ball and marched down the field for a quick touchdown.  Denard and the Michigan offense answered and many of us thought the "shootout" was on.   Greg Mattison and the Michigan defense had other plans and shutdown the Boilermakers the rest of the game.  Only giving up a very late touchdown against Michigan's backups on defense. 

Michigan won 36-14 and it shouldn't had been that close with Michigan blowing touchdowns on the goal line in two separate occasions.  Pretty boring game and this type of game are the ones Michigan fans have been missing for 3 years. 

  • Fitz running wild against Purdue's Defense
  • Mike Martin's best game of the year
  • Denard's passing accuracy
  • The entire Michigan Defense for stepping up after the 1st drive
  • Taylor Lewan for playing hurt
  • Big AL and his gimmick plays.  I thought he might be drunk calling some of those plays up in the press box.
  • Goal line offense and not being able to get a yard or two for a touchdown.  (two games in a row)
  • Defense on the first drive
  • Too many face mask penalties

I understand why they want to play Devin and do enjoy some of the plays, but for me it seems that formation are drive killers and takes away momentum from the offense.   The bomb Devin threw that was picked off could have been a game changer against a better team.  There is no reason for that when Michigan is driving for a score.   Al's gimmick calls has a chance to be the tipping point in a game and that is very high risk for a team looking to get its swagger back.  I don't have a problem with Devin throwing a screen or handing off to Denard or another back.  I do have a problem with him expecting to read the defense and throwing down field to a WR. (I doubt he will move off his first read).  He missed a wide open Hopkins for a TD against MSU.  I am not knocking Devin, this is just how it is for a redshirt freshman (we hope) QB.

Michigan now has two games on the road back to back to Iowa and Illinois.  Both teams lost on Saturday to Minnesota and Penn State.  How Iowa lost to Minnesota, I don't know.  Both of these games are winnable for the Wolverines but we know the road is different then Michigan Stadium.   The next two weeks will be a good test for this team.  Let's hope they step up.


Voice of Reason said...

I also agree that I wouldn't have had Devin making big throws against the MSU secondary, or to potentially be a drive killer when the game is on the line. I do however, understand the need to get Devin in there to get a sense of the game speed and experience in reading the defenses “now while they can” because Denard being a small running QB could be knocked out of the game at any given time. If Devin doesn't get that experience within the next two games, it maybe difficult to put him in there for the last two unless they have to, and by then it maybe too late.

Bob said...

I agree with your points, I rather he get his experience snaps in the 4th qtr when the game is out of reach vs the first quarter when the game is tight.

Or during Eastern or Western Michigan.