Friday, October 28, 2011

Purdue Preview

Time: 12:00 EST
Location:  Big House
Weather: Mostly cloudy with a rain or snow shower in spots high of 50, low 29
Line: Michigan -14
Event: Homecoming

There is no love between these two teams.  Purdue has had issues with Michigan back to the Lloyd Carr days.  Purdue coaches have always felt that Michigan eats thier lunch on the recruiting trial.  Some might have thought this started back when Tiller threw the "Snake Oil Salesman" tag on Rich Rod.  It did not, Tiller had issues with Michigan and Carr for years.  He just never called out Carr or Michigan in public.  There were plenty of rumors that Tiller would vote Michigan down in the Coaches poll and other sinster activity. 

So there's that.  There is also 2 recent wins by Purdue over RR's Wolverines, where they pulled pretty much everything out of the play book to get a win.   Back a few years ago, they ran the hook and ladder to win  a game.  So clearly, Purdue and their coaches have this game circled on their calendar.

Ok, Bob Nice Set Up.  Get to the game preview!   (I feel ya, I am up late reading 3 and Out which pretty much pisses me off page by page too, so I'm with ya!)

Purdue has what they always have.  A team that plays like a roller coaster week to week.  This team lost to Sam McGuffie and Rice this year.   Houston put up 73 points on Rice last night.  Their other losses are to Notre Dame and Penn State.    They only have one quality win over Ron Zook and Illinois which happened last weekend, which was their best game of the season.  So Purdue is looking to beat top 25 opponents back to back for the first time since Drew Brees was throwing touchdown passes and Michigan is looking to rebound for their MSU loss during an inland hurricane.

Tale of the Tape:

Michigan Offense vs Purdue Defense =  Edge to Denard
Michigan Defense vs Purdue Offense = Edge to Purdue
Special Teams = Purdue
Coaching = Michigan
Intangibles = Michigan coming off a bye week and a loss to MSU (Purdue could be over confident and Michigan is angry and won't let their season slip this year)

Purdue will spread out the field and try to run the ball as much as possible.   They will try to get the Michigan defense out of position for big plays.   We will see if Greg Mattison has coached his guys up over the last two weeks to stay in their gaps.  Michigan's LB's have not played well this year and were totally absent from the MSU game.  If they take the Purdue game off, it could be a long day for the defense.

I am looking for a few things from the Michigan offense after the MSU game:

1) More plays to the middle of the field.  Which was 100% open most every blitz MSU ran.   I want to see a RB there or a Tight end in the middle for a quick dump down pass.

2) Less gimmicks, more running.  Need production from the RB's and not just Denard. 

3) Shorter passes to help Denard get into rhythm in the passing game. 

4) I like Devin a lot but we are all in with Denard.  Unless Denard needs a rest.  Please don't take him out.

Sing Hail to Victors if....................
  • The Michigan offense line can protect Denard
  • Michigan has a running game
  • Denard throws it to the guys in the blue jerseys. 
  • The Michigan defense knows how to defend a running spread.
  • The Michigan defense continues to get turnovers.

Say here we go again if......................
  • The game becomes an offensive shoot out
  • The Michigan D doesn't have an answer for the Purdue running game
  • Denard is throwing off his back foot
  • Big Al didn't learn anything from the MSU game
Just like two weeks ago, there are no mysteries here.  Purdue will spread Michigan out on defense and try to get them into bad positions.    Purdue has a good defensive line and will try to pound Denard just like MSU did.   Expect a ton of blitzes and the Michigan O Line to struggle at times.   (AL please have some quick drop downs and make them pay for blitzing the most electric player in college football!  Please!).  Michigan is the more talented team and should win this one easy if they play clean.  Meaning they don't turn the ball over on offense and the defense keeps Purdue under 21 points.  Look for big days from Roundtree, Fitz and a pick from the Count. 

Michigan 31 Purdue 14



Voice of Reason said...

If we win this game, it will be a big step towards moving from the last three year trend. I think
Michigan wins big.

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