Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Ten Preview Week 11

Is it possible that the Big Ten could be having a worse year on and off the field?  Two household named coaches have been fired due to "off the field" matters and right now doesn't even have a close contender for the National Championship game.  At this point, it looks like the Big Ten will only have one BCS team.  There is even debate over the name on the Big Ten Championship game Trophy and whether one of those fired coaches names should or shouldn't be on it. 

Big Ten Game of the Week

Nebraska at Penn State:  I wonder if there will be any media at this game?  Penn State has been called the worst 1 loss team in the nation.  Nebraska doesn't play well on the road and is coming off a home loss to Northwestern.   Losing Joe Paterno is more emotional for Penn State then actually a loss during game day.  Clearly, he was just a figure head that sat in the press box and didn't do much if anything during the game.

This game could go two ways.  Penn State could play the game of their lives in support of their fallen coach or they could just roll over and not play with any passion.   Nebraska is coming off a loss, ranked lower then Penn State and is playing in Happy Valley but is still a 3.5 favorite.    I hate how the Big Ten has been playing on the road this year and I think there might be some passion in the air at Happy Valley on Saturday as Paterno looks for his remote at home.  Penn State 31 Nebraska 17

Other BIG10 games:

Rice at Northwestern:  Wow, I didn't realize is was mid-September.  A McGuffie vs Persa match up outside of Chicago.   Northwestern is coming off their biggest win of the season and Rice is Rice.   NW is -16.5.  Northwestern 38 Rice 21

Michigan State at Iowa:  This is an interesting game.  Iowa had a big win over Michigan last weekend after an embarrassing loss to Minnesota.  MSU has had a clear let down since they played the Big Ten Big Boys and struggled against those same Golden Gophers in East Lansing.  State hasn't played well on the road all year and Iowa only plays well at home.   MSU is -3.   Iowa 28 MSU 21

Ohio State at Purdue:  For some reason OSU struggles with Purdue at Purdue.  Maybe it's that Big Drum?  OSU prefers to never throw the ball and Purdue will try to spread out the Buckeyes and sneak out a win.  OSU is -7.5.  OSU is just too powerful and if they protect the ball they will earn a win.  OSU 21 Purdue 7.

Wisconsin at Minnesota:  This is a miss-match on so many levels.   This is pretty much Minnesota's biggest game of the year and there is no love lost between these two states.   Wisconsin is -27 in this one.  I think it could be closer then that.   Wisconsin 41  Minnesota 24

The Illinois game will be previewed on Friday.

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