Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How the Mighty Have Fallen: 3 Big Ten Legends Ruin Their Legacies at the End of Their Careers

Let me first give you a quick disclaimer.  I don't know any of these men and don't have any inside information.  My opinion is 100% out of media reports and the book 3 and Out. 

#1 Offender Joe Paterno - Before last week Paterno was regarded as maybe college footballs #1 Living Legend.  Now he should be fired and all awards and any accolades taken away.    Here is he statement from yesterday:  ''It was obvious that the witness was distraught over what he saw, but he at no time related to me the very specific actions contained in the grand jury report,'' Paterno said in the statement. ''Regardless, it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate involving Mr. Sandusky. As coach Sandusky was retired from our coaching staff at that time, I referred the matter to university administrators.'' 

In another account:  “They kind of bent things, said it was not sexual assault but horseplay,” says Mr. Keneally after reading the indictment. “So, the president of the university is being told by Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz that it is horseplay and he is being led to believe nothing else is necessary.”

Mr. Paterno and Penn State we are not idiots.  A distraught graduate assistant coach comes to your house, reporting a serious crime and it's considered horseplay?  Why was he distraught over horseplay?  Why was Sandusky then not allowed to enter PSU football facilities?  This is one of the most tragic and terrible cover ups I have ever heard a football coach do.   I assume the authorities are sparing Paterno on his community status and age.     He needs to resign and resign immediately.  

Here are Penn State's records during that time period:

2001: 5-6
2002: 9-4
2003: 3-9
2004: 4-7

Who were you protecting Mr. Paterno?  If I had to guess; yourself, your program and your friend.

Would you want to send your kid to play for this staff?  The Big Ten Championship trophy needs to be re-named and re-named quickly.

#2 Offender Jim Tressel:  We don't need to recap what happened in Columbus.  We now know Jim had been taking a "blind eye" to the rules off the field by letting his players engage in business deals around the community for his entire time at Ohio State.  He is now waiting for his "show clause" penalty from the NCAA after lying to that organization almost a year ago.  Jim was on the way to being the best coach at OSU since Woody now he is a replay coach for Indianapolis Colts.   He may never coach in college again.   Tressel probably had at least 10 more years as the head coach of the Buckeyes and he flushed it away.

#3 Offender Lloyd Carr:  A coach that brought Michigan a National Championship, something that Bo never did.  He also brought some embarrassing losses to the University as well, but those go forgotten with a big win over Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow in the Citrus Bowl during his last game.

Lloyd's crimes are against the University and Football Program on the way out the door.   He called a team meeting and told the players that he would sign transfer papers if they wanted to leave,  he made sure that Les Miles never got hired, he might have conspired to get Rich Rod removed from his position, he let former players talk against the program and he let players skip class during rivalry weeks.  If these accounts are correct in the book 3 and Out,  Lloyd has diminished his reputation and his Michigan legacy. 

All 3 of these coaches have done things that has now forever affected their legacy.   2 out of 3 are out of a job and the third should retire ASAP.   I don't expect that to happen right away but I do expect him to step down at the end of the year.  Like I mentioned earlier, how do you decide to send your son to play for Joe Paterno and this staff after this?   I don't think you do.

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ThoseWhoStayUofM said...

Putting Lloyd Carr on a list with Joe Paterno and Jim Tressell is criminal. What is wrong with telling his players that he would sign transfer agreements? He recruited those players to play for him and his staff. The University blew up everything Lloyd Carr had built and, fired all of his staff, save RB Coach Jackson, and completed started from scratch. If the University was ok with essencially losing his entire staff, then they must certainly be ok with losing his players too. Lloyd Carr cared deaply for the people on his staff and the University didn't care. Lloyd Carr cared deaply for the players on his team. Do you see where I am going with this?

Lloyd Carr made sure Les Miles wasn't hired? Even if that is true, what is so wrong with that? Lloyd Carr isn't allowed to have an opinion? He didn't think Les Miles was the right guy for the job. I'm not seeing the crime here.

He let players talk against the program? Are you being serious right now? So the players that talked against the program did nothing wrong because Lloyd Carr "allowed" it therefore Lloyd Carr is a villain? Are you even listening to yourself? What's he supposed to do, threaten penalty of death if anybody blasphemies the holy name of the Michigan football program? Get a grip people.

Lloyd Carr is a great coach and a great man. He is a teacher by all definitions of the word. He didn't do anything wrong and I highly doubt he "allowed" players to skip class - as if he has any power over that.