Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Judgement Day

Back in 1997 an un-defeated Michigan team traveled to Happy Valley as the #4 team in the nation, lead by Heisman Trophy candidate Charles Woodson.    Penn State at the time was ranked #3 in the country lead by QB Mike McQueary.  Similar to this past weekends Alabama - LSU battle this game was getting a ton of buzz.   ESPN tagged the weekend Judgement Day.

I have 3 clear memories of that game. First came during the week when in an interview McQueary said he wasn't afraid of throwing at Woodson.  Second memory, comes from the first play of the game (first PSU possession) when McQueary drops back to pass and Glen Steele comes un-blocked and totally lays him out (it what seemed like a 1/2 a second).  The third memory is a huge hit by a Michigan DB on a PSU tight end (that hit ended that DB's career with a neck injury I believe).   Michigan dominated the game and won 34-8 and went on to win the AP National Title that year.  

That day really wasn't judgement day.  That day came much later in March 2002 when McQueary witnessed a crime and reported it to Paterno and to other Penn State Officials.   That day was truly Judgement Day and each one of those adults failed miserably.

  • Good News Mitch McGary the 5 star power forward that committed to the Wolverine Basketball program last week is expected to sign his LOI today (first day of the early signing period).   Glen Robinson III and Nick Stauskas are also expected to sign today.

  • Drake Johnson the Pioneer Running Back who got a Michigan offer yesterday morning and quickly accepted it, is interviewed on the radio at this link.

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