Friday, November 18, 2011

Michigan Friday: Recruiting Update

  • Brionte Dunn and his cousin (2013 commit) Dymonte Thomas will be visiting A2 for the Nebraska game this weekend.    It would have probably been a un-comfortable situation if he visited for the OSU game with him being an OSU commit. 

  • Darboh is still planning an OSU game visit, he is visiting ND this week. 

  • Lots of buzz around Stefon Diggs and Michigan continues.  We shouldn't get too excited about this until he takes a visit to Ann Arbor to see Michigan and his buddy "The Count".

  • No news on Jordan Payton, many people believe his family wants him to stay on the West Coast but that Jordan is interested in ND and Michigan.  Decision could come at anytime. 

  • Yuri Wright won't be coming this week or next.  His coach has delayed all visits until they are finished with playoffs.  Yuri is still expected to make it to A2 and has Michigan still very high on his list.

  • I have gotten a couple questions on Penn State recruits that might flip to Michigan, first off Zettel can't transfer to Michigan without paying his own way, so I would let that dream die.  The only other two that Michigan might be interested in is: Tommy Schutt and Armani Reeves.  I highly doubt Michigan will take another DT in this class (so Tommy should be out) and Michigan might have some interest in Armani if things go wrong with Wright. 

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