Monday, November 28, 2011

Michigan Monday: BCS Pieces, Urban Development, Recruiting Notes

If you haven't heard, the worst kept secret in sports is Urban Meyer to Ohio State.  Done deal, not sure I understand it but hay, welcome to the jungle and we will see you in a year.  Thanksgiving at the Meyer Family household:  "Family, I have decided to move you from Florida to Columbus, I spent enough time with you this year and I am feeling much better now.  Working once a day and cashing a nice pay check just isn't enough fun for me."  Wow Dad, Thanks!   The Ohio State Rivalry is back and they could have hired Bill Belichick for all I care.   A strong Michigan and Ohio State is good for the Big 10.   The rumored Gator Bowl between Florida and Ohio State should be nice and awkward.   


Many Michigan fans are wondering if Michigan is going to a BCS Bowl or not.   Most experts expect them to end up in the Sugar Bowl against Houston.       The problem is, Michigan hasn't qualified for a BCS Bowl yet.  They have to be in the top 14 in the BCS standings.      Right now they are #16 and actually dropped a spot after their win over Ohio State. 

So what has to happen next weekend for Michigan to qualify for a BCS Bowl ?  BTW, the Citrus Bowl has already tweeted that Michigan is their first choice if they don't qualify for a BCS Bowl.  So next weekend:

  1. LSU has to beat #14 Georgia:  Many believe LSU could lose this game and still end up in the NC.  If that is the case, Michigan's BCS spot would go Georgia.   LSU not only has to beat them, they have to win by a nice margin.  A loss to the #1 team might not have a big effect if it's close.  They should drop below Michigan with 3 losses but a blow out helps Michigan.
  2. A Houston,  Boise State or a Oregon  loss would help as well, but not likely.
  3. The Big Ten Championship game loser should drop below Michigan because they will have 3 losses.  Currently, MSU is ranked 13 and Wisconsin is 15 in the BCS.    A close game could hurt Michigan here, some think MSU won't drop too low if they lose a close game to Wisconsin since they beat Michigan.  A Wisconsin blow out helps Michigan, even an MSU win helps Michigan because Wisconsin would drop for sure.
  4. A Oklahoma loss to OK State, should drop Oklahoma below Michigan.  The game is being played in Stillwater.
  5. It would be good for Texas to beat #17 Baylor just in case the Poll voters decide to move Baylor up a few spots if they win. 
  6. It wouldn't hurt if Iowa State upset Kansas State either, but not likely. 
So there you have it, we have to have LSU beat Georgia and let's hope they put a whipping on them.  The other games is one to keep an eye on and could help or hurt Michigan's chances. 

Recruiting Notes from the Weekend
  • Brionte Dunn:  Attended with his Dad and seemed to have another good time.  I think he is keeping his decision and his decision time frame pretty quiet right now.  The word on the street is that the Urban Meyer hire doesn't help his recruitment to C-Bus at all.  He prefers more of a power run game then the spread.   Having Michigan have 2 thousand yard rushers has to help his case to come to Ann Arbor.     I would say Michigan is trending strong right now but I'm sure Urban will be on the phone today with him.   Brionte is planning on enrolling in January so his decision should come in the next two weeks or so. 

  • Josh Garnett:  tweeted some interesting things after his visit:    man Michigan was crazy fun. You can tell the legacy and tradition being there. We need to talk asap ---- Thank you to for showing me a great time I love it in michigan can't wait to be back! .   He also ran into Jake Long at a local Ann Arbor restaurant.   Taylor is a TE that Michigan is starting to recruit to replace Pharaoh Brown.  I would say it was a good visit.

  • Amara Darboh visited Ann Arbor this weekend and some insiders expected a commit.  That didn't happen and he might take a couple more visits before he decides.  ND and Michigan are his top two right now.  Jordan Payton is all over the board, so Michigan might be looking at a few more WR's in the 2012 class.   A new name to keep an eye on is, 4 star WR Kenny Lawler who is a soft commit to ASU (which is firing their head coach today). 

  • 2013 WR recruit Laquon Treadwell was on campus as well and wants to get his Mom up to Ann Arbor as soon as possible.


dude1984 said...

Michigan should get in, although if VT loses a close game, they could take the final spot, but I doubt that based on the following (money $$$) Michigan has.

Of the three teams above them (MSU, Georgia, and Wisconsin), at least one of them will be a 3 loss team after this week.

With that being said, if they don't get one of the Oklahoma teams (Please win Oklahoma so we can play you in the Sugar Bowl), I'd rather see them in the Citrus Bowl against Arkansas (?). Playing Houston doesn't prove anything in the long run. It would be a waste of time.

dude1984 said...

Correction, they would play OK State if Oklahoma wins.

dude1984 said...

Nevermind what I wrote...if OK wins, Michigan would be out of a BCS spot because OK State should get the Sugar Bowl v. Houston.

I forgot about Stanford...

Voice of Reason said...

The BCS would like to have a Michigan team in their bowl game if it can be worked out because it's good for business. It doesn't matter if they play Houston or anyone else in the BCS bowl, as long as they get there and they win. This would be a clear sign that Michigan is back.

Regarding Urban Meyer being hired by OSU, it really doesn't matter and it doesn’t change a single thing. Did anyone think that OSU would not try to replace Tressel with a high profile coach? Does anyone think that Meyer will be a better coach or more successful than Tressel [without cheating]? It doesn’t matter, because OSU will be OSU and Michigan will be Michigan.