Monday, November 14, 2011

Michigan Monday: This Is Denard's Team

Some fans are saying there is a QB controversy at Michigan right now.   This is 100% wrong.  There is a QB health issue right now.  Denard is banged up.   He hurt his wrist on Saturday and missed the 4th quarter and Devin lead them to a couple game clinching touchdowns.

I like Devin but I wish he had gotten more time during Michigan's MAC season rather then the end of the Big Ten season.  He made a nice throw to Odoms to secure the game and more importantly didn't turn the ball over.  What I saw under center was a redshirt freshman who was a little excited to be in the game but a little over his head as well.   If Michigan needed to go 80 yards in two minutes to win the game, I'm not sure Devin would have been able to pull it off. 

Denard has to be the Michigan QB the next two weeks if he is healthy enough.   I don't think he will be anywhere near 100% until the bowl  break.   Denard's threat to run is something that each DC (the next two weeks) will spend a ton of time scheming to stop.    Denard's dynamic game is why Michigan has 8 wins this year and could have 10.   Yes, Denard needs to stop turning the ball over but Michigan is a better offense when he is on the field.   The MVP's this week will be the Michigan Trainers whose job is to get Denard healthy enough to play on Saturday.

Let's hope that Denard's wrist is only bruised and not something worse after MRI's and other tests.

The Michigan coaches need to find away to get the WR's and TE's more involved in the game.  Koger needs more touches and our slot guys (Odoms, Grady and Gallon) can make some plays.   I would like to see one of those guys line up in the backfield for a couple drop down passes.  Roy Roundtree for example has 14 catches for 278 yards this year.  That is a good game!  He had 72 catches for 935 yards last year.   We need to find away to get the ball in these play makers hands.  

  • Michigan is 18 in coaches poll and 20 in AP

  • Michigan is -2.5 against Nebraska right now

  • Michigan's Basketball Game is on ESPN3/Watch ESPN Tonight (online)

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